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A quick little post to share with you all a gem of a tea-place we found wanering around the streets near St Honore on a Sunday.

Dalloyau is a gourmet food company that’s less well known than big names like Fauchon and Hediard outside Paris, but has its roots in French Royalty at the Versailles Court from long… long ago (1682)

In fact, the famed Opera cake was invented by Dalloyau – I almost always order it when I do see on a menu – there’s nothing like a lovely crunchy light biscuit to cut through the richness of dark chocolate and coffee.

We were at Dalloyau’s main branch in Rue de Faubourg St Honore but I remember seeing a little Dalloyau stand inside the gourmet hall of Galeries Lafayette!

Anyway, we literally stumbled upon the cafe in a bid to escape the cold and empty streets and settled in a comfy cushioned window seat.

I saw the rows of gleaming tarte au citron in the window display – all sunshine yellow with the promise of tangy curd and sweet sugar crust, and I just had to order it.

Just look at that !

The first test is really the consistency of the curd – it should be firmer than custard, but still slightly wobbly.

The colour was just perfect too – in between sunshine yellow and butterscotch.

And the sugar crust – a tantalizing golden brown.

How did it fare?

Just the right mix of tangy lemon, smooth sunshiney curd, and crunchy, buttery biscuitty tart. Yum !

(this collage, kindly taken by Bunny A, is to let all you wet blankets know I do have more than one expression!)

Paparazzi A guilty as charged !

And her pretty strawberry shortcake, complete with pretty polka dots on the white chantilly cream?

Divine !

Drop by Dalloyau for some of their very traditional and less commercialized French pastries if you have the time !


101 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré




5 thoughts on “Les Lapins x Petits Douceurs

  1. ghadaevora says:

    Beautiful posts- makes me miss your city!

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi there, unfortunately, I do not stay in Paris 🙂 We were there on holiday.

      1. ghadaevora says:

        Well it looks like you had a wonderful time! Beautiful photos.

      2. libbyty says:

        Thank you 🙂

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