Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

365 ❤

Took us back to the same place we first stepped out, hand in hand, as husband and wife ^^

Nostalgia as I sat at the dressing table, soft rays of sun shining through the colonial style wicker windows.

Just closing my eyes, I was brought back in a whirlwind of sounds and smells and colour.

Hairspray, as my locks were coiffed into princess pretty perfection, curling down to the small of my back.

Earl grey tea and nervousness mixing with salty tears of happiness

The whoosh of steam, my evening gown hanging against the hardwood walk in wardrobe, deep lilac and ruffles lying on polished, glossy curves.

A peek, a smile from the corner of the door as my husband to be sees me in my gown for the first time.

Sparkling chandeliers, the tinkling laughter

Warm, loved, perfumed embraces and wishes like kisses on the cheek.

Joy and hope and chiffon swishing in the air as dulcet jazz plays on

Tightly gripped hands, pride, anticipation.

We had, and still have, the whole world ahead of us for the taking.

Our first year anniversary was just about as perfect as they come.

Or maybe, just perfect to me. 🙂

Tea for two, Two for Tea

A morning surprise that told me that I was the Key to K’s heart.

죽어도 이 손 놓지않길 기도해
세상 끝까지 함께 걸어가길 약속해
지독한 사랑이 시간에 지쳐서 우는 날에도
맹세할게 예쁜 추억 꼭 지킬게

너만 이여야하는 내 마음을 용서하길
많이 부족해도 많이 모자라도
간절히 널 원하는 나인걸

때로는 힘든 날이 찾아 온데도
세상 끝까지 잡은 두 손 놓지 않을게
지독한 사랑이 시간에 지쳐서 우는 날에도
맹세할게 예쁜 추억 꼭 지킬게

고마워요 내 곁에 머물러줘서

Even if it kills me, I pray never to let go of your hand –

my promise to walk with you till the end of time.

Thank you,  for being by my side.


2 thoughts on “고마워요 Thank You

  1. weisquared says:

    Sweet! 🙂

    And you look good – all flushed with love.

    1. libbyty says:

      Thanks Weiwei ! Perhaps flushed also because of the swimming – its been so long since I exercised ! ^^

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