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Hiya ! ^^

Just a lazy post – my past two weeks in Insta-photos !

Was having a particularly good skin day ! No editing, just a light-color filter ^^ A glass of ice-cold grapefruit juice in the morning, apricots throughout the day, regular spritzing of SK II’s Miracle Water, and soaking my face in Laneige’s Water Bank Sleeping Pack at night has really paid off! No secret, only hard work ! ^^

Things that make me happy –


The beautiful view from my parent’s living room in their new place at The Peak. Its an incredibly serene landscape – so far up from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong Island and the perfect sanctuary. Some evenings, when the sky is clear, we can see eagles ! And there are so many gorgeous nature trails nearby that I intend to explore this coming Autumn.


Also, I’ve finally found a bag charm for my Celine luggage – Alice in Wonderland x Tokyo Disney ! Isn’t it the daintiest thing ever? On a faux-pearl chain – Alice’s pinny blue bow, her little chest of secrets, and her tiny black Mary Janes – tres adorables !

Also, cute food!


A wonderful home-made brunch on Monday morning with K before he had to leave for Army. Was feeling inspired, so whipped up a little feast ! Pictured are – Golden hashbrowns with aioli, super creamy scrambled eggs, bacon rashers, and self-made dark-chocolate chip buttermilk waffles topped with french butter and caramel sauce (we have a waffle machine!)

Served up on our pretty new Royal Albert plates and downed with milky, hot, sweet tea in our Wedgewood teacups! It was the perfect public holiday morning ^^


My little spoils of war from SOGO at Causeway Bay in HKG – Mama had to get some grocery shopping done so I sneaked these in.

From left, limited edition Banana Milk Calpis *super yummy*, Fauchon Milk Tea (extremely fragrant), and Hello Kitty Pasta.

Finally, pretty things!


Have I ever mentioned how much I love shopping in HKIA’s Duty Free? The range of luxury shops there is incredible and the service always wonderful. Picked up a little Chanel something waiting for boarding, got myself a nice hot skinny matcha latte and dense banana loaf, then entertained myself with my KOBO – being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely !


Just a snap of my husband’s latest obsession. He has developed a penchant for the rather debonair air bow ties lend his outfits and these are his four favourites of the moment – the rest are stashed in a pile in one of his drawers. I particularly love the third one from the back – the brown check is really unique – I picked it up at a local designer store in Hong Kong ! Unfortunately Littlebowboy sounds gay (don’t tell him I even thought about it – his face will contort in masculine agony)

Lastly, a little secret to feeling instantly better –

I have been selfishly guarding the secret to why my apartment always smells so good – here it is ! Yankee Candles. I scent my rooms according to how I feel about them – Our bedroom always has either Clean Cotton, Soft Blanket, or Fluffy Towels burning for two hours every day. The scent is so calming and so clean it makes me nod off to sleep almost instantly and all warm and fuzzy inside.

For my living room, I use Beach Walk, or Over the River, for that breezy, fresh scent of sun, sand, and nature.

And my current favourite combination? Pumpkin Buttercream for my kitchen – it makes my kitchen smell perpetually like there’s something unspeakably sinful and delicious baking in the oven and poor Benjy salivates all over the place looking for the mystery source of the buttery, spicy, fresh-baked smell.

My friend Shu Li who blogs here is also a huge YC fan – check out her recommendations !

That’s it for now ! Hope you guys are having a great week !




2 thoughts on “Insta-week x HKG

  1. Lisa says:

    I love the Alice charm, and your parent’s home has an awesome view. Lovely pics.

    1. libbyty says:

      Thanks so much Lisa ! Love all the kawaii stuff you blog about too! Any plans to go to Tokyo’s Laduree soon? 🙂

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