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Let me introduce to you my favourite Japanese bakery in Singapore – Patisserie Glace !

It was founded in 2008 by Japanese baking maestro Chef Tomoko, who came to Singapore to set up their first outpost.

They specialize in Japanese-style French baking and all their creations have absolutely no preservatives but rely on natural ingredients for extra flavour, sweetness, and complexity. 🙂

I love having any of their pastries with a cup of hot tea or latte – they are not too sweet and always very fresh, and go perfectly together with a milky, fragrant Earl Grey.

Let me share with you some of my favourites ! The photo above is one of their most recent creations – the Rin Rin Ice Cheese Tart. ^^

Its basically a cheese tart in a dense, cookie shell , and comes in over 10 flavour “swirls” – from Chocolate and Peach to Earl Grey and Green Tea.

K loves the mango and I love the Earl Grey – him because he prefers fruit-based cheesecakes but for me, the slight bitterness of the Earl Grey and the aroma of the bergamot makes it a most tempting tea-time accompaniment.

Remember to keep the tarts chilled – they are always a lovely surprise at parties, gatherings, or when you just want something sweet to nibble on the middle of a stressful work day.

Besides the Rin Rin Cheese Tart, they also do a whole range of “Raw” Cheesecakes – which is basically Japlish for no-bake cheesecakes. As usual, K adores the Mango Rare Cheesecake, and that was his birthday cake this year ! ^^

“Raw” cheesecakes have a lighter and more “whipped” texture and usually consist of the whipped cheese sandwiched by fluffy sponge to give it structure. Cooked cheesecakes, on the other hand, have a more ‘cakey’ mouth feel but are also more filling.

My little brothers have a weakness for Glace’s Tofu Chiffon Cake – in particular, the Yuzu one ! Its practically impossible to only have one fluffy slice of Glace’s Tofu Chiffon – its so incredibly light, airy, but silky on the inside – and its healthier, too – Chef  Tomoko uses tofu to give the cake that silky, moist  texture that would usually require dairy products like cream or even coconut milk.

I like to kid myself that its actually good for me – its a nice indulgence when you have guests !

Finally, let me share with you my favourite sliced cakes from Glace ! (Gosh I’m really starting to sound like a complete pig here) .


These tea-time photos are from a recent tete-a-tete session with Minyi and Claire – they came over to my place and we chatted until 4 am ! (Is that crazy or what !) And in the meantime demolished all these pretty slices of cake.

Those brown shells you see are chocolate Madeleines – dense, cocoa-perfumed shells like a French-style brownie. We gave these out in packets of two to guests at my church wedding and they were all gone in a flash with people asking for seconds !

Then there’s the Fruit Crepe cake – sponge, chantilly cream, and fresh fruits wedged between layers of crepe. I absolutely adore crepe cakes ! Especially when they come with cream – they have that bite but are still decadently creamy – I only wish there was more.

Claire loved the Chocolate Renga (Brick) cake – the one with the cashew. Its very dense, very headily chocolatey, and her idea of heaven – she is, after all, well known for producing chocolate bars in all kinds of situations and has hardly been seen without a bar of it in her hand or on her plate.

The strawberry mille feuille is also very quintessentially French but was given a Japanese twist with its mini size and (again) the addition of chantilly and sponge cake ! The crisp mille-feuille are so fun to crunch through with their light, caramelized layer of sugar.

Lastly there’s the Othello, which was pretty but not very outstanding – I personally thought it lacked depth of flavour and was a little oily.

Also on my must try list are the Strawberry Shortcake and their famous Mont Blancs ! Try them and let me know what you think !

Here’s to making your tea-time sessions more delicious and exciting !

Pâtisserie Glacé
12 Gopeng Street #01-33/34 Icon Village Singapore 078877




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