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My week on Instagram !

Finally finished my first major crocheting project – a winter neck scarf ! I’m calling the design Praline Ice Cream ^^ Because of the cream and hazelnut stripes and the pretty rainbow border ! I don’t know how effective it will be against Tokyo winter weather, but I’m quite proud of myself – no holes (missing stitches) and I even managed to get it all ruffly !


Our little Bub bub begging for golden kiwis ! Silly boy always puts a smile on my face every morning when he comes snuffling at my cheeks and demanding for a hug – with a spoilt child’s expression but a wise old Schnauzer face ^^


Breakfast indulgence – I seldom have the time for breakfast so having that extra half hour in the morning for a cup of hot frothy spicy chai topped with cinnamon powder and a Barcook raisin cream bun sometimes spells simple indulgence (if that isn’t oxymoronic)


Dinner for one – K’s been in and out of meetings non stop since he came back from reservist, and sometimes it feels like I will never have him to myself, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re busy making a home and a career for yourself in the early years? I’m still thankful that he takes time out to give me a hug from behind when I’m falling asleep over a book or take in the laundry because he knows I can’t handle the heavier poles.

But I also take pleasure in the alone time – I do so enjoy me-time – with my delicious eggplant and roast pepper quiche, a bowl of fresh sweet summer vegetables, and a refreshing glass of ice-cold ruby red grapefruit juice.


An example of K and my “one-pot” dinners – Since I bought these multi-colored skillets from Robinson’s I’ve been obsessed with eating out of them – its not Le Creuset, but it sure feels rustic. Here we’re having my Hello Kitty spelt pasta ^^ in an Italian double cream, tomato, chili, and pecorino cheese sauce topped with smoked cheese sausages and home-made caramelized onions (I dump them on EVERYTHING)

It was delicious  !

That’s it for this week – it’s been crazy busy, what with covering Star Hunt / Meeting H.O.T’s Tony An, getting ready for the Esplanade 10th Anniversary, and the Wondergirls this coming Saturday. Gotta get through this !




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