Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

Since coming into our lives over a year ago, my darling Benjy has brought so much joy into my life 🙂

Without him, I would come home to an empty house everyday – but I don’t – because there he will be, bouncing around enthusiastically, tiny tail wagging for all he’s worth. I know I am the world to him, and he’s slowly becoming the world to me too.

We’re always together when we’re home. If I’m on the couch, he’ll either be lying at my feet using my ankle as a prop and snoozing, or of late (he thinks he’s human too) he hops up onto the sofa and nuzzles into my side, sighing contentedly.

At night, if I was cold or having nightmares, I used to wake K up (obviously with limited success) just for him to fall back sleep mumbling incoherent words of comfort in between deafening snores. Now, I just scoop Benjy’s sleepy warm furry body into the bed for a cuddle and I’m all good again in a matter of minutes.

He’s also a built-in alarm clock ! At 8 am on the dot he’s rushing around the room frantically demanding to be let out to relieve himself and get his breakfast – and boy is he one persistent Schnauzer – I’m talking about non stop pawing and yips of distress.

When I cry or I am down, some inbuilt doggy sensor kicks in and Benjy whines in distress, licking my hands and looking at me with liquid eyes as if to ask what was wrong. And for some reason, it always makes me feel better. I do feel silly talking to my dog about my problems, but hey, he never judges and never nags. It’s immensely therapeutic !

Above all, he makes me laugh !

I have woken up in the morning in a fright, unable to breathe, thinking that K found my latest credit card bill and was strangling me to death, only to find out Benjy had been sleeping on my face (obviously the most comfortable spot on the bed wtf?)

Benjy has also found himself stuck in the toilet bowl. I had lifted the lid without seeing him dashing in my direction and he promptly jumped into the latrine, splashing madly in fright and prompting 10 minutes of non-stop hysterics from K and myself.

He is also a very proud dog. After I fished him from the toilet bowl, he stalked off in a dignified huff, soaking and humiliated, and hid under the shoe cupboard, refusing to come out until we stopped laughing.

His greed is also legendary. It knows no bounds – and the more we catch him, the more his thievery has evolved.

Picture this – after a half an hour spanking and lecture from us for rooting around the kitchen bin for three days straight (we’re talking half-eaten curry puffs, remnants of scallop porridge, pumpkin fried rice, sausages, and cereal), we thought the problem was solved – the bins were untouched.


K found out that Benjy had been stashing his loot behind our plastic bag storage container ! We followed an ant trail and removed the container to find – half chewed potato chips (he managed to open the bag), candy, rice, and toast – the little bugger had been helping himself to the trash a little at a time !!!

That prompted a whole row of loud scoldings and Benjy was made to wear the trumpet / Time Out for another 3 hours. -_-

I think raising Benjy may be a good prelude to us having an actual child – we’ve already perfected the baby talk, the nagging, the lecturing, the punishing, and the cuddles.

So here’s to my darling furkid – I love you Benjy !


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