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Hi guys !

Sorry for the lack of updates (again)

My Olympus EPL-3 went in for servicing last week, but in the mean time, K and I have acquired for it a new polka dot-mint and white camera strap that is sooo adorable I don’t even mind slinging it around my neck like an albatross anymore. ^^ We also got a macro converter so I can now take nicer food photos.

WRT the photo above – Is that a new bag? Is what everyone has been asking me this week. Yes it is !

I’ m guessing it’s also what provoked some rather rude questions on my Formspring – I answered the least rude one, which asked me how I could afford my bags on my salary (?!) and if my husband pays for them. The others involved all kinds of criticism (why are you so materialistic, etc).

Firstly, I think it’s frankly none of your business who buys my bags – unless you think that I’m making money from moon lighting or gambling, which is still offensive anyway. Secondly, my husband is not a bank machine and does not willingly dispense money for me to spend – neither would I want him to do so.

Lastly, what century are you from ? You do know that women can buy their own bags in the 21st century don’t you? And that we can hold our own jobs? And vote? Unless you’re (again) trying to accuse me of being a gold digger – in which case – I have plenty of “gold” of my own and I think I would be a discredit to my parents and my upbringing if I felt ripping off my husband was the way to get my bags.  K and I both come from independently wealthy families and are intending to be independently wealthy ourselves (i.e. we do not ask for parental handouts) so I hope your curiosity is satisfied. SO THERE.

To calm myself down a bit, I’m going to put down the story behind the Trapeze here for posterity because it was impossibly spontaneous and so much fun ^^

After a hilarious sushi lunch with Claire and Mints early last week, giggling wildly, we sped down to Celine where a big wave of impulsiveness overcame me as those two devils coo-ed on about how gorgeous the navy blue Trapeze looked on me and next thing I knew, swipe went the card. No regrets though – its truly beautiful – I’ve gotten loads of compliments about how classy and timeless the velvety blue looks and feels against the silver clasp.

The Bag

It’s navy blue pebbled leather with suede “ears” and silver hardware – its smaller than my luggage and loads lighter. Best thing is, it has a leather shoulder strap of just the right length – something I really appreciate when my hands are full with shopping bags.

Now Claire and I have matching bags (hers is a gorgeous fire-engine red from London) and Mints has been eyeing the black snakeskin (very sophisticated) so I’m pontificating that it’s only a matter of time ^^

When the three of us hang out together, it’s truly a laugh a minute. Although I have been a difficult friend to Claire over the past fourteen years, and Mints and I drifted after secondary school,  we still connect like all those years never happened – we still see each other as our 11 year old selves.

Claire the class monitoress, always smiling and scribbling her bible quotes / pasting neoprints all over everyone’s autograph books or offering chocolate bars while munching on one of her own, Minyi the opinionated, determined, practical but impossibly soft hearted girl with her swinging long hair, always on the go, and myself, gangly and shy but opening up only to those close to my heart, intense and wistful.

They remind me of who I was and how whole-heartedly we all accepted each other, and when I look at them now, I can’t help but me immensely proud of how much they have achieved and how much passion they have for the world around them. It’s a gift that only a lucky few have, and I’m so, so happy to have them as my friends.

Holding that thought – plus thinking of all the fun Abby, W, and LY are going to have at the Jay Chou F1 concert this week makes me a very very happy girl indeed. The earlier half of 2012 may have nearly killed me, but since coming home from Europe, I find that each day means that I am more healed, more whole, and more complete. 🙂

Weekend wise, K and I brought Benjy out to the beach to slum around and take a nice swim. It was a pretty amazing day – beautiful weather, clear skies and fat clouds, ice-cold cokes, hot nachos, K laughing like a carefree young boy splashing in the sparkling sea while the sleek black seal-like form of our little Schnauzer paddled wildly in the waves – I sat on the fine white sand, rubbing my toes together happily and feeling the warmth on my face, and for three hours, was truly content.

Photos up when I have them ^^

In the meantime, since I do a lot of work from home, K and I spruced up the dining area (some what) with the hopes that with more whimsy in our home, I can get over my infamously frustrating bouts of writer’s block.

A little piece of Alice in Wonderland in our dining nook –

 There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter.

  Which,  luckily I am.

– The Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland




2 thoughts on “Sailor Girl x Alice in Wonderland

  1. weisquared says:

    I don’t uds where there questions are coming from… in the first place, there is a.) nothing wrong with your hubby buying things for you, b.) your parents buying things for you… Not that I’m implying that you are not financially independent… but it’s up to you to whether you save the money or not or are lucky to be loved so very much… isn’t it? Why issit a crime? These people really employ their jealousy in weird ways. Very disturbed… I’m sure the bag is a lovely buy, and that you will be using it well. 🙂 Can’t really see it clearly from the pic though. I can afford a bag, I just can’t bring myself to buy one yet. :p But I must say, with such bags – I stop looking at other bags for a very long while, so it will prove its worth in the long run.

    1. libbyty says:

      Me too.. I guess it may be just rude readers. I get nice ones more often and sometimes get a bit frustrated by those who ask very obvious questions that you can simply google, but never such offensive ones (until now). Another thing I don’t get is.. it’s not even my most expensive bag but its getting so much flak.

      Thanks for the love though ! Haha I’ll post a clearer picture. ^^ Only buy when you truly fall in love with it ! And once you start it gets scary, so maybe its better for your bank account not to develop a bag habit sigh. Soon I’ll be eating bread nad butter everyday!!

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