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I’ve blogged about Social House as my favourite Jakarta breakfast haunt before, and I’m here to do it again ^^

In the one year that we haven’t come to JKT, the place has expanded to three full floors and even started stocking Harvey Nichols’ range of gourmet munchies. I was really impressed – the design and feel of the place stayed the same – Marche-esque but more minimalist, and the owners’ (Ismaya Group) cheeky sense of humour is still evident in the handpicked touches.

And the food?

Unfortunately there were some hits and misses this time around – it could be that we were there on a Monday morning and Social House appeared somewhat under-staffed (maybe the chef was having a case of the start-of-the-week blues) but the cooking was quite inconsistent.

We had a pumpkin soup – which turned out to be a miss – it was less a soup than a puree and too thick for my liking. Making it even less appealing were the huge stodgy croutons that sat solidly in the middle of the gluey puree.

The croutons could have broken my teeth, I swear – they were that hard. And definitely not bite sized.

The actual brunch items, however, were mostly up to standard this time. ^^

Top: Creamy truffled scrambled eggs on toast with bacon, stewed tomato, farmer’s mushrooms.

This was quite average – again, I thought I could cook better because the eggs weren’t creamy enough. Still, it was better than what you can get in most brunch places in Singapore, and a good 40 per cent cheaper, so no complaints.

Below: K’s Hangover Brunch, which was epically yummy.

It’s a wagyu steak, pork sausage, fried potatoes with truffled mayonnaise, bacon, fried eggs. Basically a heart attack on a platter.

All of it was good. Ask K, who was too busy wolfing down those horrific fat calories with nary a care – he has a dream metabolism, why should he care. 😦

I tried the Mexican eggs, which were two fried eggs sunny-side up in a skillet sitting on a bed of nachos and taco ground beef, topped with tomato salsa, sour cream, and salsa verde.

It was very authentic and very tasty, with just the right mix of Mexican spice. The sour cream really cut through the meatiness of the fatty minced beef and the soft, pillowy tortillas on the side just held everything together. I only managed to finish half, it’s quite a huge portion.

My mother-in-law ordered the Belgian waffles with custard cream, berries, and maple syrup. The waffle itself had a nice bite, the batter was thick, satisfyingly cakey on the inside, and crispy on the outside, and I think the addition of custard rather than whipping cream was exceptionally inspired – custard > cream in terms of heft, extra flavour dimension, and the fact that it was flecked with vanilla beans.

We washed everything down with their Grandma’s Iced Tea, which I really love – it’s got lemon tea, mint leaves, a lemongrass stirrer, and is topped with a generous scoop of lime sorbet – sounds complicated, but an awesome thirst quencher.

So I guess my stamp of approval still stands ! Go for Libby-endorsed brunch at Social House if you happen to be in JKT !

(You can find the address in my previous post on SH)




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