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Sorry about repeating all my favourite food places in HKG, but here it is – we were back at our old haunt Fook Lam Moon again for some afternoon dimsum, K, D, M, Mummy, and I. ^^

Sadly, the quality of dim sum seems to have dropped from the previous time we were there – not as well-executed and as crazily tasty as before. Still very good, but we’re not sure if they were worth the average-of-$60HKD-per-basket price compared to other more reasonably priced places like dimsum institution Yi Xin at Causeway Bay (Will blog) or my Mom’s favourite DS place at Excelsior Place.

The Yam Fritter (From left) – was good, but not super. The crispy yam shell lacked that umami mushroomy oomph of our previous trip and the filling didn’t taste as freshly prepared. The Cheong Fun (Charsiew) was excellent, though – the rice rolls were delicate, thin, almost crepe-thin, and very enjoyable indeed with the sauce – which was just the right amount of salty and thick enough to adhere to the roll without us having to dip it in again and again like other places.

The pan fried turnip cake was delicious but it’s cheater’s dim sum – it’s almost impossible to mess up something so easy, right? 🙂

Steamer items were also pretty good! Har Kow prawns very fresh, the crystal skin also delicate and not sticky at all (amazing!) – I didn’t try the Lotus Leaf Rice but my sister declared it awesome-sauce and ate a whole parcel by herself. Forgive me if I’ve said this before, but FLM uses really good quality lotus leaves that don’t wilt or turn bitter from getting steamed (or over steamed, in some lousier dim sum places).

The pork ribs, one word, super flavourful ! No tenderizer but the meat was still soft with just the right amount of bite, and the braising sauce would be just great with fresh white jasmine rice.

Now for what my sister and I REALLY come to FLM for – the best Liu Sha Bao in Hong Kong, some say (I say) the world. 🙂

They really get it just right – from the fluffy, white pristine bun that’s just thick enough to hold in the golden lava that is sweet, salty, smooth, grainy, and creamy all at the same time.

I had three, I think. And I never have three of anything.

Just look at #mygreedyface.

And then #hergreedyface.

FLM’s Liu Sha Bao are an absolute must-try. Prices are steep for other dimsum, but I would go just to get my LSB fix every time I’m there. Next round, we’re going to try the Michelin-starred dim sum at our old place at the Four Seasons, will be back with more !




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