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During difficult times, I sometimes forget that there are so many people who love me unconditionally, even when I am being a monster. Sometimes, they indulge me, but mostly, they give me the hard, cold truth with a warm, comforting hug and it’s the best thing they could ever do for me.

The thing that always amazes me about my husband is his ability to love unconditionally. He always reserves judgement and bothers to get to know people better. He has seen me at my absolute ugliest but loves me anyway. And at my ugliest, I have done things that – if done to me, would make me drop him like a hot potato and run a mile before turning back.

But no – K really takes his vows seriously – and even when things hit rock bottom, he has a scary optimism that they can only get better, if we only try. His positivity shines even after I have thrown a million wet blankets on his ideas ( WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO CHIRPY? WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE ANYWAY).

Of course there are other things about him that drive me absolutely crazy, and not in a good way, but I’m just glad we’re still able to drive each other crazy anyway.

Speaking of unconditional love, there are three girls in my life I can always rely on to do what’s best for me.

And when the going gets tough, there’s sometimes nothing better than a day out with them – laughing, smiling, healing.




2 thoughts on “Unconditional x Heal

  1. Shoe says:

    ZOMG was Legoland fun? And I finally managed to link you properly 😀

    1. libbyty says:

      It was aight, but the mini-town was fantastic! If you’re going, pack a lunch because the food is abysmal haha! And yay! We’re now.. linked! lol.

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