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If you follow me on IG or you’re my friend on Facebook, you’d probably know by now that K and I have booked ourselves a Christmas Holiday in Paris ^^

The original plan had been to head to Tokyo with my family in Hong Kong, but the clashing schedules of eight different people, along with the whole radiation scare put paid to that.

I was quite sad after that, honestly, because I haven’t gone on a full family vacation for years, but like my Daddy says, there’s always next year !

K and I threw up a few half hearted ideas – Hawaii? (Too far and we hate beaches), Maldives (ditto), New York (very far and not enough leave – if you’re going to fly that many miles you might as well stay longer).

So Paris was a no-brainer since K and I haven’t gone on a just-you-and-me holiday since our honeymoon so we figured Paris would be the most romantic place to go to recharge to reconfigure our marriage just in time for the New Year 🙂

And I do hope we will .. I’ve already got day trips planned for Chantilly, Chateau Vicomte (Giverny is closed for winter so no Monet), and of course, Paris Disneyland !

Contrary to popular belief, Paris is truly at its most beautiful at the end of the year – when it transforms into it’s namesake, the City of Lights, and Christmas markets open up all over the city !

When I’m having a bad day (many of those this past month) I close my eyes and see K and I, warm and bundled up in our snoods and coats, walking hand in hand down the Champs Elysees or outside the Printemps watching the pretty Christmas decorations, or sitting in Jean Paul Hevin enjoying a steaming hot demitasse of chocolat chaud (anything more is too much!) and it puts a smile on my face.

OK I know it’s my second trip to Paris in one year, but don’t judge? -wheedling  face-

Just for fun, I’ve been trying out winter outfits – it’s finally starting to get a little less tropical in SG and I figured it was as good a time as any to start thinking about my Paris wardrobe rather than leave it to the last minute and whine about having nothing to wear – which is a very dangerous position to be in indeed in icy Paris.

Here’s two outfit ideas ! Pardon the make-up less, very tired face – having make up on is a no-no when you’re pulling on and ripping off thick clothing (at least, when it’s for fun)

Left: Rosebullet Autumn dress with pussybow,  wine-coloured winter leggings, Red velvet bowler, handmade leather brogues.

Right: White work-shirt with high petal collar, Leather skater skirt, wine-coloured winter leggings, wine-coloured wool cardigan, red velvet ribbon, Celine Trapeze in Navy.

To top it all off, I’ve bought myself the most pretty black cape-coat complete with faux fur collar. I can’t wear it here – I might suffocate.

And the best part? I’ve been forcing poor K to match my colour palette – brown, leather, black, wine, camel, corduroy, etc.

On K:

Dark purple skinny pants, black turtle neck, brown leather vest, leather motorcycle jacket, camel scarf.

He is going to be very angry when he sees this photo on my blog. His exact words were ” I look like a o*(*&)(&*^ Hobbit”.

But I think you’re cute !




2 thoughts on “Autumn x Winter 2012

  1. Grace says:

    I love the colored stockings. Great outfits for you both. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll rock Paris.

    1. libbyty says:

      They are crazily comfortable 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comments !

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