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Hi guys !

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve just been absolutely swamped by work, and also, now, happily, by charity work ! πŸ™‚

My childhood friends Claire (not pictured), Mints and I have been working on setting up an NGO/Charity together to help the elderly in Singapore, something we are very passionate about.

It was conceived over many sushi lunches, and lots of talk but it’s finally here !

We’ve named our campaign The Charity Concierge.

Our first project is for Christmas! We want to reach out to the elderly staying in one-room flats in Chin Swee Rd, to hopefully make their Christmas as full of warmth and cosiness as we can make it.

We will be printing recyclable bags with inspired designs from the Celine Luggage Tote, and will be calling them Luggages of Joy. We want to put across the message that Giving should be as fashionable this Christmas and all the time – there is so much hype about branded bags but why so little hype about giving back and helping those who have looked after and helped grow this country for us?

These bags will be filled with little gifts to make their lives more comfortable. Packets of instant coffee, biscuits and crackers they can dip into a hot drink, neck pillows so they can sleep better, and towel-material blankets so that on cold rainy nights, they can remember that someone cares and wants them to be warm. πŸ™‚

The Charity Concierge website is here

We are in the midst of getting registered as a charity with the authorities and fingers crossed, everything will fall into place so we can do our part this Christmas πŸ™‚

If you’re interested in our project or want to help out with distribution, please contact us at

Happy Holidays and see you back here soon everyone !




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