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Hi everyone 🙂

It has been such an amazing December I can’t even put how I feel into words. So.. here are pictures !

Firstly, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey premiered here in Singapore. It was so surreal seeing all the character’s I’d interviewed on screen and the movie was so beautiful that I actually teared at parts. Especially in the beginning, when the movie opened onto Hobbiton, at the Shire, and I heard the strains of The Shire Theme Song. The LOTR books and movies made a huge impact on me when I first read and watched them, and The Hobbit – well, it felt like a homecoming of sorts. Catch it yourself – it’s worth the heftier price tag.

 If you have the time, check out some of my articles from my junket at The Hobbit Updates page – I’m especially fond of the Meet The Merry Dwarves slide show – the actors were so funny and lovable – it was SUCH  a hoot seeing them onscreen too!

So that’s a major work achievement, done for 2012 🙂

On the home front, it’s been a mixed bag.

My little sister left to join my family in Hong Kong, and it was honestly quite a blow, as my other brother P will be going over soon.

But instead of moping about it, I’ve been focusing on the positive – being prompt and taking initiative about SKYPE sessions, Whatsapp family chats, etc.

And of course, by spending lots of time with my own little nuclear family ^^

On top is my new spice rack K rigged up for me – something I’m inordinately proud of – with a framed up postcard from Paris and another perk-me-up inspirational shoutout – KEEP CALM AND WHIP IT REAL GOOD (Hell yes – one of my surefire cures to kicking a bad case of the blues is to violently beat up a batch of insanely fragrant, light and crispy butter cookies).

One weekend I was inspired to try something new – and my caramel banana hotcakes were born. I’ve also added a new breakfast side dish to my slowly expanding repertoire – breakfast potatoes ! You just blanch the potatoes so they cook half through, in the mean time crisping up bacon in a skillet. Then you toss the potatoes in that porky bacon fat and wait for them to get all brown and crunchy. Just two ingredients but you get so much back ! The Joys of Cooking 🙂

I’ve also attended my first ever major company function at my new job – The Y! SG Christmas Party at Timbre.

Our team dressed up as characters from Glee !

No prizes for guessing who Gail, Mel and I came as (albeit the Asian versions).

Gosh I felt so OLD. G and M are interns with us and a good half a decade younger than me !

But it was awesome. Think jaegerbombs after tequila shots after champers and orange juice. And drunken cheerleading on stage. I now truly understand the meaning of dutch courage. Because only dutch courage could make a 25-year-old with creaky joints get jiggy wit it on stage with her two young, lithe sidekicks.

By far the most meaningful thing I’ve done this December, however, was The Charity Concierge’s Luggage of Joy Project.

On 15 December, we packed 500 bags full of goodies for the needy elderly at Chin Swee Rd.

On 16 December, we distributed 400 of those bags with the help of our wonderful friends and volunteers, and the smiles and hugs we got that day were better than any Christmas present we could ever receive.

Will blog about the experience, but in the meantime, check out our blog here or Facebook here for photos of the Project 🙂

We leave for Paris in two days and I can’t wait! Only thing is, I wish we could bring our darling furkid.

Oh Benjy, Mommy wishes she could pack you in too!




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