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Hello! How are all of you ? 🙂

The past week has been mad busy! From by-elections to traffic accidents, angry politicians – work has been completely overwhelming. But overall things are better. Avalanche of work, I can deal with. My grand dad has been improving every day and that really gives me strength to keep smiling. Thank you all for your texts / emails of prayer and concern.

Just a frivolous little post of stuff I’ve been posting on my Instagram (@littlebowgirl)

I’ve discovered the best pair of leggings for busy working girls ever! They are.. tadah, skirt leggings, from Korea. I bought myself a pair in navy blue online and have already ordered another three. They are super comfortable, soft and flattering – covers the hips so my thighs look smaller, and covers the butt so I can wear normal shirts with it without getting a VPL or looking like a ‘ho. I can run in them, brave rallies in them, and sit through hours in a freezing cold hospital room. Highly recommended !

Also, how cute is this?


For non Sanrio fans – its.. KITTY-INCEPTION ! Cinnamaroll in a Hello Kitty. It’s just a ink stamp but I was very enchanted by it. Firstly, how old school are stamps? It brought back memories of autograph books and library aunties (they’d give me pretty stamps on my hand after checking all my books out at the counter). AND I CAN NEVER FIND NICE CINNAMAROLL stuff so I was very happy indeed. I keep it in my bag. When I’m having a bad day, I give myself a stamp and feel a bit better – just like how I used to when I was five and sticking my wrist out in kindergarten for a ‘star chop’ because I kept my colouring pencils neatly without my teacher asking.

In other things…


Me too, B-boy, me too. Blogging about our time in Paris has made me develop a seriously bad case of wanderlust. Most of my friends would stone me if I repeated this sentiment (WTF LIBBY YOU SPEND MORE TIME OUT OF SG THAN IN IT) buttttt Singapore is so claustrophobic! When are we going to explore the world if not when we are young? When we are old and slightly richer and suffering from creaky joints we will never be able to live as carefree and spontaneously as we do now. It’s true – youth is wasted on the young and I don’t believe in throwing mine away.

When I have kids, I’m going to brave nightmare plane rides and bring them travelling. I want them to grow up asking me for parmesan cheese to sprinkle over their home made pumpkin tomato pasta, follow me to the market and pick out flowers for a vase on our dining table, read real books with the smell of old paper, love animals and tell the difference between a panther, jaguar, cheetah and a leopard. I want them to know that in Italy they say Grazie and in Spain they say Gracias, in Paris they say Merci and in Germany they say Danke.

But yeah, I haven’t really got around to actually having one yet, so I will just have to content myself with buying super cute baby hankies and rompers like a mad barren old woman.

I remember someone asked me on my Formspring a while back to share one pot recipes. I know its been months and I’m so sorry I haven’t got around to it but here’s an easy and healthy throw-it-all-together dinner I hope you guys will enjoy !


Toasted Baguette with Tuna and a Sweet Tangy Cucumber Salad

For the Tuna – 1/2  can light mayonnaise Tuna mixed with 1 clove minced garlic, 1 purple shallot, 5 chopped cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, generous amount of black pepper.

For the Cucumber Salad – thinly sliced Kyuri cucumber (1.5), 1/2 tsp caster sugar, 1/2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/2 tsp Maldon Sea Salt, 1 tsp dried Dill. Toss together.

Simple, easy and satisfying for a mid week dinner when things seem to be trudging along too slowly. Enjoy!




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