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Call us crazy, but K and I have inexplicable, very masochistic cravings for ice cream when it’s cold. When we’re home in Singapore, thunderstorms are enough to send us running for our always-in-stock standby Haagen Dazs Coffee or B&J’s Strawberry Shortcake.

When we were in Paris, just a gusty wind sent my nutty husband looking around longingly for a pot of good quality gelato. -_-

Amorino’s is our go-to for gelato in Europe in general, but this time we decided to try the David Leibovitz-recommended Grom, a new kid in town.

We checked out their tiny little outpost in St Germain des Pres – the blue and white awnings welcoming us into the clean cozy white space.

Grom has it’s origins in Italy (naturally, the birthplace of gelato) and I am glad to report that it was excellent, indeed.

The gelato came in nice pale muted shades – no colouring or gimmicky candied fruit / wafers – always a good sign for purity of the product.



We tried two flavours – their signature Crema Di Grom and their Chocolate Fondant.

The Crema Di Grom was lovely – it’s egg cream, meliga (polenta) biscuits, dark chocolate morsels, and Colombian chocolate.

The egg cream was milky, super smooth, lightly custardy, the biscuits crunchy despite being submerged in cold cream, and the chocolate was dense, rich and complex.

The Cioccolato Fondente was also very good. They use Venezuelan artisan chocolate with cane sugar, milk and cacao butter. Super aromatic, heady, and with a chewy mouthfeel, this has fully replaced Chocolate Therapy as my favourite Chocolate ice cream. If they sold this in Singapore I’d down a pint whenever I was down, so luckily they don’t. ^^


K, aggressive supporter of Amorino’s was also won over. When we next had A’s again, I must say that Grom’s had ruined it for us a little :(.

For example, we had their gaufres (waffles) with two scoops of Amorino gelato – in this case Chocolate again as well as their Vaniglia (Vanilla).


It was still good, but somewhat less intoxicating. Their Chocolate tasted less dense and slightly bitter in an unpleasant way, while the Vanilla lacked texture and flavour, coming across as a little flat.

However, I’ve got to say that when it comes to their Alfonso Mango gelato, no place else does it better. It was still as intensely mango-ey, fruity, sweet and rich as I remember it to be during the summer as well as three years ago.

Amorino’s is also far easier to find, with outlets near most tourist attractions. I’ve give up on trying Berthillon – every time we walk past I have either had a crazy heavy meal or simply am not in the mood for glaces, so I guess it was just not meant to be !


Here are our favourite Parisian ice cream fixes ! 🙂


81 rue Seine
75006 Paris
Neighbourhoods: Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, 6ème


12 locations here

And if you’re not going to Paris anytime soon, why not reach for that tub of ice cream anyway, if only to chase away the post CNY holiday blues? ^^




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