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This week’s randomness: Instagram collages of my outfits.

I only really have time to do stuff like this when I’m on the later shift at work and therefore can bother to put on something that I didn’t just grab out of my walk-in and some slap before stumbling out the front door and bribing Benjy to stay quiet with a kangaroo snack.

Also, the weather is finally starting to look a bit better – so my short and strappy dresses can come out to play! I’ve been wearing nothing but super comfortable bulky pastel sweaters and leggings for the past month because of the horrible rain and chill.

My favourite outfit this week – Ahoy, Sailorette !

I just had to buy this dress when I spotted it on modcloth and saw the rave reviews.


It’s my new go-to dress on ugly days – you know, that dress you are 100 per cent sure will make you feel like a human again. It’s very flattering, the material is light and airy with a fit-and-flare style, and best of all, it’s got a little bow in the back (will take photo next time).

But what I love the best about it is how it could be nautical looking – or very Parisian. Two of my top style inspirations. I paired it with ruby-red Ferragamo Varinas, a red velvet clip, and my black Tessuto Gauffre Prada (with a cutesy Shellie Mae bag charm)

It was also my first time trying out these new Chocolate-colored contacts I bought. They are the first pair of lenses I’ve felt really changed my look – like a pale pretty hazel. I could almost pass for an English Rose.

Speaking of English Roses ..

I haven’t worn this dress in a while, and I’m glad I dug it out of the cupboard again, because I love it’s gorgeous vintage floral prints.


I mean, floral dresses are a dime a dozen but very few come in this pretty teal-blue colour and matching rose prints that make you instantly feel like a fairy on a picnic in the English countryside. The fairly subtle little frills at the bustier area and the edge of the skirt also give it a nice flouncy air of frivolity (and I am quite frivolous indeed).

Dress: Liz Lisa

Bag: Lake Blue Prada with Hello Kitty x Laduree charm

Shoes: Repetto in Souris

Accessories: Glittery blue Alice band

Last but not least, another dug-out-of-the-wardrobe find – my cream Ballerina dress with a heart-shaped lace back.


Again, you can’t see the back but it’s gorgeous (don’t worry I’m so bringing this for my Italy trip), but what’s special about this dress is that up until a few months ago, I couldn’t fit into it. I bought it ages back (think four years?) because I totally fell in love with the design after my friend D showed it to me. But when it arrived, squeeze as I might (I was a UK Size 8-10 then) I could not get in. I could have cried.

But now, finally, after dropping to a Size 6-8, I’m, literally, in ! And I can’t believe I took so long, because this dress is just perfect. The colour, the cut, the pretty skirt – I got so many compliments on it and I felt just like a ballerina skipping down the road in it. I paired it, of course, with my Repetto kitten heels in Gris. 🙂

That’s about it for my useless fashion post of the week.

And just because:


I was always more into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles than Barbies as a kid. And the happiest when I was around cake. And my little brother (he’s the cutie on my left).

Also, this photo is proof that my taste in clothes has barely changed – That cute little sailor dress was worn to death and I still mourn it’s loss today.




3 thoughts on “Instaweek x Throwback

  1. I love ModCloth! I’ve bought about four dresses from them to date & it’s really difficult not to buy more!

    1. libbyty says:

      IKR! I’ve bought six or seven to date. Love the vintage American style. But their sizes are really big!

      1. It depends on the designer…I usually buy S or US 2 / UK 6. The US customers tend to complain that the sizes are too small! HAHA. I’ve had to get a couple of my purchases altered, so I know what you mean. Enjoy shopping (you know you’ll go back for more)!

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