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Hi everyone !

How have you guys been? It was a pretty hectic weekend for me what with work, a wedding and trying to squeeze in quality time with my grand dad + KX in between.

On a more frivolous note, I’ve continued on my minimal make-up mission and my FOTD above (with my new super adorable lace kitty head band) shows me with only BB cream, light brown eyeliner and benetint on my lips ! To be honest, I am still seized by moments of insecurity – (do my eyes look too small? my complexion patchy) but I am also absolutely loving how light and free my skin feels without additional concealer, eye shadow or dark liner. 🙂

My eyes also feel brighter and more refreshed after I stopped wearing my iris-enlarging contact lens and switched to the much smaller and more comfortable One Day Acuvue Defines.

All girls should try it ! Too much slap causes dry patches, breakouts, and ages you !

Another thing we should all do is to really take a step back every weekend and spend some quality time alone or with the ones you love. I used to want to pack in as many activities as I could during the weekend so I could ‘make the most of it’ but I find the best weekends are really those quiet, introspective ones spent at home where you are the most comfortable.

On Saturday, K and I wanted to take Benjy out for a day at the beach like we usually do, but as luck would have it, the sky decided that after granting us half a day of bright sunny sunshine for all that laundry to get dry, it should rain cats and dogs for the next three hours or so.

So we decided on a whim to bring Benjy to Cafe Melba instead, which has officially become our favourite dog-friendly place after M introduced it to us.

The staff were very lovely about Benjy, giving him a dog bowl of water and making googly eyes and fussing over him while they were at it. I love how they were dog friendly without becoming too ‘dog cafe’ – just going about their daily business but also welcoming furry friends. I’m pretty resistant to dog-specific cafes which often end up becoming some kind of doggy matchmaking place full of owners struggling to control their over excited pooches.

We’d had a pretty heavy lunch, so we stuck to some appetizers off their pretty extensive menu.

Top: Bread basket with three dips.

Below: 9″ Tandoori Chicken Pizza

K really liked the pita bread slices with the dips. They were spread lightly with a mix of sundried tomato paste and pesto, I think, and very tasty and summery. I thought it was a great home party idea, especially serving it in cute wicker baskets with three mini dip pots.

However, I thought that they were too stingy with the dips, and the dips themselves could have fared better. The hummus was watery and didn’t pack a garlicky smooth creamy punch – I can make it better at home ! The pesto was quite good, and I’m not sure what the last dip was – it looked like a beetroot based hummus, it could have been tasty – if they had given more than a teaspoon of it.

No complaints about the pizza – the freshly made and baked crust was crackly and crispy, the toppings were generous and quite delicious – smokey chicken, tangy red onion and sprinkled with fresh coriander. I sneakily wiped out most of it while my husband was occupying himself with the dips.

After that we took turns cuddling Benjy, me whilst reading my latest chick lit title and nursing a cup of miky spicy chai, and K spent his ‘alone’ time grimacing at falling exchange rates and the stock market -_- dude just won’t take a few hours off work.

Again, I was wearing only bare makeup and look how glowy my skin is now – even on a semi-pro high definition camera with no filter or editing 🙂

The highlight of our tea session had to be the absolute gem of a slice of carrot cake that K, of all people, ordered on a greedy whim. It was hands down the best carrot cake I’ve had in a long time ! (the last truly good slice I had was Lana’s but it was ages ago).

We were really surprised, to be honest, at how good it was – since it was home-made and Cafe Melba is all about brunch and savouries.

What was good about it? Let’s see – the crumb was perfect – moist, chock full of soft, plump raisins, bits of walnut. It was just the right kind of dense and had enough spice to make it taste warm without overpowering the carrot-ness. But the best part of it was the cream cheese frosting, which had very little sugar but was smooth, tangy and complemented with a sprinkling of ground up pistachio nuts.

The jam and the cream on the side were purely decorative.

They have a great selection of TWG teas to go with their cakes too – I find the chai to be the best accompaniment to the carrot cake. Both are mildly spicy, go well with dairy (milk, cream cheese) and just exude contentment on a rainy day. 🙂

It’s back to my LA trip planning for me ! Hope you guys aren’t having too bad a case of the Monday blues!

Weeekends, why are you so short??





10 thoughts on “Rainy Day x Cafe Melba

  1. igakoz11 says:

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Also, check out my blog as there are many giveaways going on!
    & remember to like my facebook page @My Little Closet Blog

  2. Must Have Boxes says:

    That puppy is so cute :).

    – KW

    1. libbyty says:

      Thanks 🙂

  3. Great to see you’re becoming less reliant on makeup…it really saves a girl a fair bit of time & money. I used to wear makeup everyday to work but I found it too bothersome & time-consuming, so I limited it to special occasions / work events. I’m 100% makeup-free on regular days & it feels so much better on the skin. A healthy diet / skincare regime / lifestyle is best for the skin. 🙂

    1. libbyty says:

      For me it’s not about saving the money or time.. but saving my skin lol 🙂

  4. JH says:

    Hi. Can I ask where did you get your kitty headband from? It’s so cute! Totally agree with u on the make up. Less chemicals on and I see healthier skin. I’m trying to put less make up while battling with my insecurities.

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi there, I bought it on and I really love it! It comes with a cloth band not a metal one so it doesn’t hurt. Good luck with your makeup fast! :)))

      1. JH says:

        Thanks! I really like the pastel colours or flora prints of your outfits, bags and even furniture! Nice blog you have 🙂

      2. libbyty says:

        Thank you :)) encouraged by comments like these !

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