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When K and I first moved into our four room flat, we knew that we wanted our home to be a welcoming place, cosy and homey in warm, comfortable colours. Not just a house, but a home that was a sanctuary from whatever got us down and out during the day. A place we could come home to each day looking forward to rest and just chilling out with each other.

Maybe we succeeded a little too well, because now we can’t bring ourselves to leave every morning! >.<

I won’t be putting up photos of our place for privacy reasons, but let me share with you the latest addition to our home furnishings that has been a fantastic convenience! – Our Mocha Pastel Chocolate Bar Floor Seats ^^

Check it out !

I realized that our white leather couches were taking up a lot of space in our living room and also that since we spent most of our time sitting on the floor eating off the coffee table or tapping away on our laptops, we ended up not using the couch much. So I ordered two of these Korean made floor seats and they are so incredibly comfy and just right for us !

These cuties are made of soft, comfy suede like material, can be adjusted to four different heights depending on whether you want to sit up on your laptop, lean back in front of the telly, or simply get some shut eye without having to get up.

As you can see, my current favourite position at home is relaxing on my new Chocolate chair, feet snug in my Marie slippers, MacBook Air on my lap and MLP ready for cuddling just next to me ^^

Update: Those of you who are interested in finding out where to get it, please check my formspring where I have answered. If not, just leave a comment ! ^^

And yes, I’m mad about home/lounge wear. I dont’ think that just because I’m home, I have to wear ugly college t-shirts over exercise shorts – home wear should be cute and pretty too ! In this photo I’m wearing my super duper comfortable 100 per cent cotton Tour Eiffel nightie ! Cotton On has nice oversized sleep shirts too !

And the best evidence that my chill-out corner is just too tempting for any weary soul to resist?

Guess who immediately made himself comfortable the moment I got up to fix myself a hot cocoa !

Aw, Benjy ! Why are you such a cutie???




4 thoughts on “MLP x Home Wear

  1. Cynthia says:

    Yes this year have been good. Should be better than last year. An impromptu decision 2 days ago, so we will be going to Korea end of this month. I don’t know where else to go as don’t wanna go too far. And I love Korea cos its clean cheap and good. I have been resting this 2 days at home, bad migraine on and off.

    It’s universal truth that Women (man) love having a peek at other women’s beauty cabinet ,wardrobe and their handbag. It’s not nosiness. Perhaps it’s the curiously mind on how women organize their cabinet, what they use and what is in their tote that they tote around with them each day. Perhaps its just me. I think you can tell a lot about a women’s handbag and the state of its content.

    1. libbyty says:

      Have fun in Korea ! 🙂 I’ll be there from 23-26 March 🙂

  2. Cynthia says:

    By the way the sit on the floor chair looks comfy, where can I get them? We love to sit on the floor at times too.

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi! I bought them directly from the Blooming Home website but I heard you can buy them on Qoo10 as well ! ^^

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