Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

Hi guys!

Good and bad news. Bad first, since it’s not that bad anyway, just inconvenient.

Not sure if you’ve heard about it, but Formspring is closing down!  Which means I’m going to lose all 150+ questions asked there from about half a year ago ! 😦

Luckily I still have my blog comments, but I’ve set up an account that’s very similar too and you guys can continue asking your questions there, I promise to answer them as honestly and frequently as I humanly can.

Here’s the link !

The good news?

I have finally come out about who I really am. A five year old girl with pig tails and chubby cheeks eating a rainbow colored Paddle Pop and smearing half her face with it.

But that’s a side of me only my husband and family knows about.. to the rest of the world, I am, kinda, normal. Except when I’m wearing my new Paddle Pop pastel skirt. Then I get all kinds of strange (and probably judging) looks.

But whatever, right, I love it !

Don’t you? It makes me feel so happy and springy and young ! And it’s the most beautiful fade-in-fade-out kind of rainbow pastels, not the color-blocked kind which takes out most of the whimsy of wearing a rainbow skirt in the first place.

Best of all, it’s a cinch to match. And there are rainbow shorts underneath !

Round and round and round she goes

Where she stops nobody knows!

It’s four days till my Seoul work trip and I’m getting quite psyched up about travelling on my own again. Down side is, I won’t wake up to my adorable Benjy’s super cute squashed sleepy face every morning. 😦

See you soon !




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