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Hi guys !

As those who read my blog would know, I’m off to Seoul on Saturday for a work trip. I’ve since received a few e-mails and questions asking if I’m going to do a spree like I used to on my past few trips to Seoul.

Well, I can’t do a full-scale spree as I am leaving in two days, but I am taking orders for a few really great cult Korean skin care products which I use myself and would definitely recommend to anyone.

As it’s more just for you guys than any money making thing, I’ll only be charging a small courier fee  for the products above their price in Korean won. Limited slots

Here are the products:


Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack (200ml)

This is Laneige’s latest Sleeping Pack product. It’s a big hit and a cult favourite with Korean celebrities as well as bloggers in Singapore for it’s anti-ageing properties and how you just have to apply a layer to your face and wake up the next morning with super elastic and moist skin. This works really great for me as I’ve finally crossed the 25 mark and need to start working on my anti-ageing skin care routine. It has a lovely light fragrance and a super easily absorbed texture that is not greasy at all. I use this twice a week for anti-ageing.


Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX

I’ve blogged about this product here

I think it really does not need any introduction though – this pack is amazing value for money and the perfect product for thirsty skin. It’s got the same effect as the tightening pack above with less “tightening” and it’s a great daily use sleeping pack for people who work in air-conditioned places or suffer from uneven skin. It’s soothing and I use it every night for my face. I buy at least 10 each time I’m in Korea and it’s replaced every other tedious moisturizing cream or emulsion that I used to apply.

Just google it to hear about all the raves !


Tony Moly Latte Art Morning Pack

I’ve also blogged about this in my skin care post.

Not sure if you guys know this, but almost all Korean women apply a ‘face base’ before their make up every morning. This ‘face base’ acts to ‘plump’ up the skin and make it look dewy and moisturized. It also helps make up last longer. This is an integral part of my morning, every day. I was introduced to this by my Korean friend and it’s better than any Urban Decay or expensive Benefit skin base I used to fork out for. ^^ So reasonably priced, too !

Finally, the latest “in” product ! Peripera’s Lip and Cheek tint, similar to Benefit’s Benetint and Posy Tint, but so much cheaper and with the same results. Beauty bloggers all over Asia have been raving about it and I’m intending to buy a few for myself and my friends 🙂 With the tint, you can create your own “rosebud” Ulzzang lips very natural!) or double function it as a very natural blusher ^^


Peripera’s Tint (3 colours)

Reviews here: here, here, and here

I will also be taking orders for all Skin Food products found on their website, adding on a $5 courier charge to all products. I have recommended a list of my favourite masks from Skin Food, also in the skin care post ^^

Finally, I will entertain orders for other brands on a case by case basis.

All orders will only be confirmed once a transfer deposit of $15 has been made to my account. ^^

Please e-mail me at !

I don’t think you can get these skin care products cheaper anywhere, plus they will all reach Singapore by Tuesday (26 March) so that’s almost no waiting time at all ! ^^

Happy Shopping !



Spree slots (CLOSED) 

  1.  Joanne – Peripera Lip Tint (Pink Juice) + Laneige Sleeping Pack EX (paid)
  2. Melody Z – Laneige Sleeping Pack EX + Tony Moly Latte Art Morning Pack (paid) – MAILED
  3. Jasmine Abigail – Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner + Peripera Lip Tint (Pink Juice) (paid) – DELIVERED
  4. Abelyn – Laneige Sleeping Pack EX + Tony Moly Latte Morning Pack (paid)
  5. Ann & Abigail – Laneige Sleeping Pack EX + Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack + Peripera Lip Tint (Pink Juice) + Peripera Lip Tint (Cherry Juice) + Tony Moly Latte Morning Pack (paid) – DELIVERED
  6. Wanyu – Laneige Sleeping Pack EX + Peripera Lip Tint (Pink Juice) (paid)
  7. Alexa Foo -Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX + Tony Moly Latte Art Morning Pack + Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion (Lightest colour – No 13 True Beige) (paid) – MONDAY 7 PM City Hall
  8. Joanna Koh – Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack (paid)
  9. Mints and Claire – Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack + Tony Moly Latte Morning Pack (paid) – DELIVERED
  10. Michelle Tan – Tony Moly Latte Morning Pack (paid) – MAILED
  11. Kathlene – Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack + Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX+ Tony Moly Latte Art Morning Pack + Peripera’s Peri’s Lip Tint (Cherry Juice)

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