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So here’s the reason why I was in Seoul for work – to cover the Super Junior Super Show 5 !

To be honest, I’m not the biggest SuJu fan around (not even close) – I’m really more of a Big Bang / YG Entertainment fan – but I’ve got to say that the boys were really super hot up close and in a big group. At the press conference, they all turned up in really dashing military inspired uniforms in black and gold, and I was practically drooling – so many good looking, tall men in a room (who can all either sing, dance, or show off their six packs) that I had to struggle to remain professional lol ^^

Anyway, some takeaways from the press conference:

  1. Super Junior was SO MUCH MORE FUN at the press conference in Seoul’s Olympic Stadium – they joked, bantered, laughed and chatted openly with journalists, waving to those they were familiar with. Security was minimal, atmosphere was informal, and the boys’ answers were so much more spontaneous and honest than the one-liners or PC stuff we get in Singapore. Enjoyed it tremendously.
  2. SIWON IS SO HOT – I bet all of you K-pop fans already know this, though. He looks like Superman ! So chiselled ! So manly ! So tall ! -swoons-
  3. They treat press much better here – we had buns from Paris Baguette, Juice, Hot Coffee from Starbucks, and proper seats with tables so reporters could file immediately. I was really impressed.
  4. Korean press really obey the rules. There weren’t any explosive questions, but they were also very orderly. No jostling for camera space, no pushing, which I thought was great. In Singapore, photographers frequently shove and push to get good shots, which I think is actually quite rude. Especially when other photogs have come early and waited patiently to get a good spot, only to have a rogue photographer shove his DSLR right in front of your camera and snap away, ignoring your protests.
  5. Everyone thought I was Korean – I don’t know how many awkward conversations in broken Korean I had during the press conference – from one male reporter who asked me if I would like to join them for dinner to another who asked me how come I wasn’t cold wearing just a thin black jersey dress. Even on my flight to and from Korea I was spoken to only in Korean and the stewardess adamantly forced me to fill in an arrival card on my way back to SG -_-

Here are my weapons of mass destruction on the right: My trusty Yahoo! Moleskin, favourite Hello Kitty pen from G, boxed fruit juice, and Emma, my EPL-3.

I was freezing, of course. It was 2 Degrees Celsius and the press room wasn’t heated. But I had no choice – my cape coat got in the way at every turn and I nearly knocked out one Korean photographer – who was luckily very gracious about it.

Next up, we headed for the concert venue – with a 10,000 capacity, I was kind of freaked out about it becoming a disorderly mess with frustrated people and queue-ers. I needn’t have – again, everyone was extremely well-behaved, no one cut any queues (we didn’t have to q, of course, they saved us seats in the VIP section very near to where EXO and SHINee were sitting!)

I had so much fun ! The stage sets were amazing – SM always splashes the most cash on HD MVs and cool props and the boys were so much more animated with their local ELF fans. I even played along during “Marry You” and did the cutest “boing boing” hand signs. #nerdlife

You can read my review of the concert here and the slideshow photos of SuJu here ! Enjoy !




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