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Today is a new day ! After crying myself to sleep last night, I woke up today a bit better, more clear headed for sure, albeit with swollen puffy eyes. Everything really is a little sunnier in the morning, both literally and metaphorically.

So – I’m going to make today a productive, non-emo day. I’m going to do the laundry, ironing, go for a doggy play date, and clear my blog’s backlog before I (finally, truly) fly off tomorrow morning.

So, today’s Seoul entry!

I actually had a bit of time to check out three cafes during my short breaks in between work, and all turned out to be lovely, cosy places which I’m definitely going to bring Claire and M to when I go to Seoul again in July for a short girls-only trip before we get old and saddled with responsibilities and bear progeny lol.

First find: Cacao Green !

All the cafes below are in Myeong Dong.

Cacao Green was my favourite of the three I visited ! It’s actually run by the same people behind cult fro-yo brand Red Mango and specializes in coffee, tea and Hot Choco ! (what they call hot chocolate in Korea. no ‘late’, just hot choco).

The interiors don’t feel like a chain coffee shop at all – they are quite painstakingly hand-done, from the hand-pinned polaroids of happy guests on the stripped down, brown walls to the Harlequin dolls in net-style low hanging lamps and the worn but shiny dark brown furniture. It really felt a bit like a cafe in the middle of a cocoa bean plantation set up just to sell their produce (if Seoul had cocoa bean plantations) – what with the burlap bags of cocoa beans and open sacks of tea lining the floor.

Check it out ! ^^

There were so many amazing sounding drinks on the menu I wanted to try them all but being severely short on time I had to settle for .. my Sweet 75 per cent Dark Chocolate Bunny Latte ! ^^

There were also some seriously luscious looking American-style cakes in the display but I told myself that I had to wait for LA and SF.

Anyway it was the cutest drink I’ve ever had ! It took 8 minutes for the barista to get my bunny done and my room-mate’s kitty fixed, but it was worth the wait.

Adorable !

Taste wise, also very awesome ^^ The chocolate was dark, rich and complex with just enough bitterness but sweet and milky at the same time. Korean style drinks really suit my tastebuds – I love their sweet milky coffee and all their beverages always hit the right note for me – in Singapore I’m always dumping sugar and chocolate powder into all my drinks because I feel they are under-“seasoned”.

Find two: Angel-in-Us Coffee

OK so this wasn’t really a new find – I’ve blogged about it before in my previous Seoul entries but I’d like to re-iterate how much I love their coffee.

It was sub-zero when we stopped by and a hot drink was extremely timely and deeply appreciated, with could account for how much I enjoyed nursing my hot White Chocolate Mocha between my freezing, pink hands (Jurlique Hand Cream, you saved my life!)

Again, very pretty, very detailed interiors. They put in so much effort !


Funny experience when I was there – a really cute old 할아버지 walked in and ordered a latte, before falling asleep on his armchair next to us while waiting for his coffee. ^^ His beeper went off but he was so sound asleep he didn’t realize it ! I woke him up and told him in Korean that his coffee was ready and he laughed and thanked me in a way which reminded me so much of my grand dad before he fell ill that my heart swelled a little.


My room-mate tried their Caramel Sauce French Toast which was so simple but so good !

Just thick toast which was perfectly toasted with a brown crust on the outside and pillowy, cottony goodness on the inside.The caramel sauce and the slightly sweet, dreamy fluffy dollop of whipped cream was wonderful with the toast. It looks very easy to make – I shall try it when K and I are both back from our respective trips !


Find Three: Good Ovening Cupcake

I actually spotted this place by chance when shopping at MD’s H&M ! Just the right place at the right time for me to rest my weary feet after my first solo morning rushing around buying my spree products as well as gifts for family and friends 🙂

To be honest, it was a little intimidating going to Korean cafes alone. There is no culture of lone coffee-drinkers enj0ying a book by themselves in Myeong Dong – most are groups of young people or tourists – unlike the cafes in Garosu-gil which I so enjoy.

But you know, I’m a grown up now and being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. Besides, nothing was going to get in the way of my enjoyment of a good cupcake and a yummy tea latte.


As you can see, further evidence that Seoul’s cafes are very unfairly photogenic. Taking inspiration for my ultimate dream ambition of opening a Flower Cafe with my friends (which is already on it’s way to fruition, say you’ll support us!)

I ordered the “English Tea Party” cupcake, because, well, it looked exactly like a cupcake which I would never order, and here I am breaking new ground and all (just kidding). ^^ and a black tea latte, which looked horrible but tasted great !

셀카 (SELCA) Time !! ^^


I look a bit tired and dazed here, cos I am ! But half an hour into my new Kobo book, the light but yummy cupcake (earl grey cake with earl grey buttercream frosting) and I was all toasty and warm and in another place altogether. Thank God for my superhuman ability to day dream myself out of any situation ^^

I’ll be back, Seoul !

Hope you guys enjoyed my recommendations!

Good Ovening Cupcake

Angel-in-us –

Cacao Green Myeong Dong – 3F 32-5 Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea




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