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For all those requesting a “bare face”, high resolution, close up photo of my face – btw I don’t know why I bother to oblige those who ask so rudely but this is for those lovely ladies who joined my spree and want to know how to use their products 🙂

Here’s my daily makeup routine, which is quite typical of the Korean Ulzzang makeup. Which means

  1. Must be natural
  2. Must have a strong base – aka already pretty clear and blemish free skin
  3. Must look young
  4. Must look like you put as little makeup as possible.

So, here goes.

On the left, my tired, makeup less face (go easy on me, I only had four hours of sleep)

On the right, after applying simple daily makeup, which takes me about 5-10 minutes every morning.


So, you can see, on the left my skintone is less even, my dark eye circles more obvious, and there are one or two scars leftover from my teenaged years. On the right, my skin is more luminous, clear, my eyes look brighter and more defined.

And here’s what I use to achieve the look:


From left to right:

Tony Moly Milk Tea Latte Art Morning Pack (already blogged about here)

Benefit’s Ooh La Lift – reduces my dark eye circles and perks up under eye saggy skin immediately! Bought this in SF for about 40 per cent cheaper and wishing I’d bought more already 😦

Garnier Under-eye Light BB Roller – Great beauty store buy for the price, really depuffs my eye bags and is tinted so helps conceal dark eye circles

ZA Perfect Fit Concealer in #1 – I’ve been using ZA Perfect Fit Concealer (but in the blue tube) since I was a teenager and I’ve never looked back. The improved version is better in terms of coverage and doesn’t cake at all. This goes on really smooth for me and can conceal small blemishes or old scars very easily.

Skin Food Platinum Grape Cell BB Cream – Another cult product I picked up in Seoul three years ago and never stopped using. It’s got SPF 45 and PA +++ which is amazing for sun protection, it evens out my skintone and makes it look like and translucent and flawless. Sure, it costs a bit more than the other BB creams available, but it’s the best for me. Many Korean girls use this.

Peripera Peri’s Lip Tint in Cherry Juice – Have also blogged about this before, as a cheaper alternative to Benefit’s Benetint. I find that the Peri lip tint lasts just as long and in fact the red is richer than Benetint. A real keeper and so easy to touch up. Ulzzang makeup key point – gradient lips which fade from pale red on the outside to deep red on the inside for a dolly, childlike pout.

Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Powder – not pictured here cos my case is broken -_- but this really goes a long way in giving me thick, youthful “Ulzzang” brows, which is a key point in Ulzzang makeup. The brush is also already angled so all you have to do is swipe. Really value for money.

La Rose De Versailles Liquid Eyeliner in Brown – I don’t like using pure black liners cos they look very harsh. Brown liners are softer and girlier. I draw a small slight wing at the end of my eyes and fill it in so it touches my bottom lash line for a ‘doe-eyed’ droopy eye look, another key point in Ulzzang makeup.

Benefit’s High Beam – This product is excellent for highlighting and gives my face a very 3D glow without the fillers lol. I dab just a touch on my brow bones, nose tip, and chin.


And a few photos after with my daily “face” – actually I’m okay with heading out makeupless la, I only really bother when I go out with my husband and his ridiculously porcelain skin – makes me look like some sallow housewife who has let herself go.

Hope you enjoyed this rather “lazy” tutorial I wrote up a while back and am posting now cos I’m sort of on a hiatus.

BTW, for those of you who e-mail me questions about my makeup, I really don’t have time to reply so sorry, so please me at @littlebowgirl instead, thanks!!




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