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Still on SF, here’s another fun fact ! For San Francisco, Summer only hits around August/September ! A fact that I should have looked up before planning what to wear on the trip, clearly -_- so unfortunately I spent most of my time in various states of chill and freeze – their winds are truly, viciously cold and cut to the bone.

That sunny day after our amazing breakfast at Mama’s , we decided we had to walk-off all those (delicious) calories and made the climb up to the Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill.

While huffing and puffing on the way up, I found some time to take out my camera (and nearly give myself an aneurysm in the process, if that’s possible) and get some snaps of the sights !

Furkids ! Only painted !

I wonder what would happen if we were allowed to get creative like this in Singapore. I can imagine there would be some truly awe-inspiring street art but also lots of cases of pure vandalism (Remember what happened to our war memorial?) We have a long way to go to being a First World people, that’s for sure – even though we have a so-called First World economy (with many third world pockets).

But I shan’t digress !

The climb was steep. I found myself thinking, if one day, I should move to SF, I would have me a pair of very fine, muscular, shapely calves in no time. Think of how one would lug groceries up an incline steep enough to make me develop a bad case of vertigo ^^

Fooling around:

All pastels that day ! From my oversized pale pink crochet cardigan I bought in Seoul, to my cream oversized (again)  sweater, Paddle Pop skirt and pale grey-blue Repettos  / Lake Blue Prada bag. Sometimes I marvel at how many colors I see everywhere – my husband, sick of me naming shades he has never heard of before (pale, rose petal pink, light, creamy lilac) informed me very curtly on more than one occasion that MEN ONLY THINK IN PRIMARY COLOURS. Is it true, I wonder?

And no, I didn’t get diamond tattoos on my knees, I wish I were that ghetto or badass. They are actually super-cool tattoo leggings that are all the rage now in Seoul, Japan, and Hong Kong! Bought a few pairs the last time I visited my parents and I’m been cheekily shocking everyone with them. No, seriously, who would tattoo two diamonds under their knees – maybe Riri but not me.

Here’s a scenic shot of my three minions and I (missing the two big buffalo P and M)

Although I am super tired and smiling in a very exhausted, flattened manner, I love this photo ! We’re all happy and smiley and the valley/hills/homes behind us are just too pretty.

Also, I am very sad that I have become, officially, the shortest Soh sibling 😦 Daniel has overtaken me with his latest growth spurt and David and I are about the same height now. I have reached my highest potential, literally (weeps) I will never be a supermodel.

Up on Telegraph Hill around the Coit Tower.

Amazing, isn’t it, how just a little greenery can be so photogenic, or transform a small corner into a whimsical, magic forest?

Post contemplative and scenic walk (and acquisition of souvenirs), we drove over to SF’s famous Fisherman’s Wharf / Pier 39 to look at the smelly sea lions and have some chowder and ice cream!

Look at how bright and poppy and festive the colors at the Pier were !

Pier 39 was just bustling. In my research about where to go for good chowder, everyone online was unanimous about Pier 39 being lousy and a rip-off – but I was thinking, what about atmosphere and experience? It seems almost a sin to go to the Pier and not have Boudin’s signature clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, right ?

In the end, we settled for the place the reviews said was the best of the worst – Chowders. And guess what, I thought it was pretty awesome. The chowder was thick, creamy, full of clam umami and soft potato bits. We polished off all of it – but skipped the sourdough bowl. No one eats the bowl anyway – it’s rock hard.

So take it from me – go to Pier 39 and have the chowder from Chowder’s or Boudin – it’s not bad at all and I think all those netizens were just having a bad case of the I’m-too-cool-for-tourists thing. It was really fun chowing (pun intended) down the chowder by the sea after catching the fat, super slothy sea lions sunbathing by the bay. 🙂 Don’t miss it !

It was also such great fun to have ice cream in the cold. We shared a huge waffle cone from Dreyer’s – RAINBOW SPRINKLE BIRTHDAY CAKE – which, unlike the rather childish images it conjures, was delicious. Who knew cake batter could be an ice cream flavour? These Americans, they put cake in everything. And make it great.


I miss them all so much my heart hurts a little, in a good way




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