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Hi guys !

I’ve been much, much happier in the past week. The really dark and depressing eventuality we thought my grandfather was facing seems to be diminishing – he will no longer have to undergo amputation of his leg and he’s home now, comfortable, safe, clean and in a much better mood.

For all those of you dears who have been praying for him and offering me so much support, thank you so much – you have no idea how much it means to me and how much I appreciate it 🙂

Day-to-day, things have been normal – haven’t been out much at all between spending time with my grand dad, family (they were back in town for a bit) and staying home to play with Benjy as much as I can before we fly off to Italy.

The weather’s been terrible for me and perfect for my laundry -_- aka sweltering, even by Singaporean standards.

One good thing that’s come out of it? I’ve been shedding the cardigans and taking out all my strapless, or sleeveless summer dresses!

Last week’s obsession – lace and white, swirly, whirly, girly dresses with simple make.



Dress: Liz Lisa Lace Dress with front corsetting (this makes me feel so princessy!)

Purse: Prada

Accessories: Shellie Mae “Believe” and a pink-lipped smile 🙂

And my new Saboskirt purchase !

photo(12) copy


Dress: Saboskirt White Lantern Dress (their sizing is HUGE ! This was an XS and still too big for me =x I’m a UK 6-8, US 0-2)

Belt: Seoul

Purse: Miu Miu Bow Bag (my first ! Four years old and still looking good :))

Shoes: Kitten-heeled Repettos

Accessories: The cutest dog in the world !

Despite the dress being too big, I really love the cut-out details and the lace patterns on front – I’ll be bringing this dress with me to Venice! Wish it didn’t crumple so easily too – luckily, we’ll be staying in an apartment for most of the trip so there will be an iron or at least housekeeping handy.

Hot weather = Cold Refreshing Food !

I’ve put about 2 kg on recently just rampantly eating whatever I want – and so I’ll need to put myself back on a diet until I fly off 😦

Here’s one of my go-tos when the hunger pangs hit:


I fill my adorable pastel pink and blue ramekins with country-style thick, creamy smooth vanilla yoghurt and top it off with handfuls of berries ! So yummy and super low fat too!

What are your hot-weather favourites?




5 thoughts on “White x Lace x Hot hot summer

  1. The belt is super cute! And that yogurt looks delicious 🙂

  2. faithrivada says:

    I love this. And your blog is a great read! LMK if you’d like to be friends. ❤

    1. libbyty says:

      Thank you! What’s LMK, though?

      1. faithrivada says:

        heh – let me know 🙂

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