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Still on SF, here was another American chain restaurant I got to tick off my chain-restaurant-bucket-list (In N Out, White Castle, I will conquer you on my next trip) – The Cheesecake Factory !

I’ve always thought that it was a bakery chain when I was working in Orlando – you know, teas and coffees and cake, and I was super surprised to find out that it was actually a full-fledged restaurant with a really extensive menu !

We went to the one at Macy’s on Union Sq and it was really crowded – so crowded that they actually have four full time staff handling seating like it was a hotel. We were given a buzzer and told that our wait would be about twenty minutes. Most of the customers waiting were nursing cocktails and already getting happy at the bar, but you know, PG holiday, so all of us behaved like good Asians and went down a level to wait it out on the expensive patio display furniture ^^

The food was pretty good ! I got to try some really interesting dishes like the baked Spinach, Artichoke and Crab dip which was lovely – creamy and full of umami (the rest of my family found it fishy) and they have excellent starters – perfectly done buffalo wings, tangy yoghurt samosas.

But the highlight, naturally, were the cheesecakes.

And it was cheesecake heaven. Cheesecake overload. Cheesecakes in every flavour known to man, and possibly more.

Proof (I managed to recover long enough from my spasming to snap a picture for posterity):

We were like fat kids in a candy store. Debs was practically drooling on the display case and we were rattling off the names of one toothsome cheesecake after another.

Key Lime, Banoffee, Oreo Overload, Red Velvet, Espresso, Lemoncello, Pumpkin, Mango, Cookie Dough. Kill me naooooooooo!

Here were the ones which really made me excited:

Lemoncello Cream Torte – I was already smacking my lips thinking about the combination of creamy whipped cheese, alcohol and tangy lemon – and look at that tart – it looks like sugar crust – dies –

Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake – self explanatory. Two layers.

Fresh Banana Cream Cheesecake – I love Banana Cream Pie – the combination is so fresh and tropical! And it looked so pretty and perfect with those fat whirls of whipped cream! Like a mousse version of my favourite Banana Milk with a sugar crust base.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake – again, self explanatory. I think it would be a little rich, but we could all do with some rich in our lives.

Sadly, I didn’t get to try any of the above. There was a Soh family voting session for just one slice of cheesecake (we were just stuffed after all those appetizers and American sized mains)


When sliced, it was a sight to behold.

Who knew an Oreo Cheesecake had such complex innards?

Cheese, chocolate mousse, oreo bits, chocolate graham base, sprinkled with even more Oreo crumbs.

It was – I’d admit it – out of this world delicious, as delicious desserts go. This cake must be one of the reasons why so many women pick chocolate over men.

Even my terrified of calories Mama gave it her stamp of approval!

Here she is with my greedy little sister!

The Cheesecake Factory (Macy’s)

251 Geary St
8th Fl
(between Powell St & Stockton St)
San Francisco, CA 94102

Speaking of Macy’s my sister and I coincidentally also had one of the worst red velvet cupcakes we’ve ever tasted in our lives there. From the food court. We were conned by a very appealing looking advertisement on the Kid’s floor and rushed down to fork out $3.99 USD fo0r a giant cupcake – we were so excited, the vendor even congratulated us on getting the last one!

It looked pretty good. But the icing was tooth-achingly sweet, tasteless and the cake was hard, cold, and tasted strongly of flour.


Still, we left with fond memories – of that awesome cheesecake. The next time I’m there, I’m eating NOTHING BUT CHEESECAKE. And I’ll make whoever is travelling with me order two slices EACH.

-pig face-




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