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K, Benjy and I had an awesome weekend – it was one of those rare weekends in a year when you actually have the two whole days to yourself. Sure, we still visited my grand dad and had dinner with K’s family, but the rest of the hours were spent blissfully errand free. We managed to make breakfast on Saturday morning, pack in a picnic and a doggy play date for Benjy and Hachi in the afternoon, and on Sunday, spent the entire day vegetating on the couch watching Roof Top Prince and then pigging out on some amazing Bu Dae Jiggae in between.

Since this post is about scones and getting useful at home, I’ll stick to that !

I am all for convenience and buying food back (have yet to meet someone who honestly enjoys washing dirty dishes) but when it comes to scones, I have decided that it is definitely worth taking the time to bake them from scratch at home. Most definitively.

We spontaneously whipped up a batch on a Saturday morning (have 10 hours of interrupted sleep makes us very happy, hardworking and industrious), and they were wonderful !

Fresh out of the oven, they came out with crusty golden tops which were pulled apart to yield a moist, buttermilky, tender crumb – the perfect delivery systems for the liberal amounts of clotted cream and TWG Geisha Tea Jelly we slathered on them. K was so enamoured, he ate six.

There you go – don’t make porn, make food porn.

Some people ask me if I take half an hour just to set my table before I eat breakfast. Hand on heart, I don’t. Our dining table literally looks like that all.the.time – but only because I have completely run out of space to store my ever growing collection of cute vintage cups, odd pieces from different Wedgewood services, and my place mats, my lovely place mats from Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte makes everything look pretty. Also, our table cloth does a lot of the work – it’s a super detailed vintage Paris print we dug out of a fabric shop in Montmatre for a steal and it’s perhaps the best thing we got there (after my new Chanel).

The scones drove Benjy mad. He was drooling all over the floors, on my feet, and stared at us so imploringly that he looked like he was wearing iris-enlarging contact lenses. If only I had that ability, I would save lots of money on optics.

Happy Family !

One of the best parts about making your own baked goods is, when you give them away, you can do so truly proudly – and you can put all the love and affection you feel for the person into your food, which I can guarantee will magically make it taste better.

My chest swelled a little (temporarily) when we gifted a basket of four of those freshly baked scones to my neighbour who consumed them PLAIN and said they were delicious ! ^^ SCORE ! ONE STEP CLOSER TO BLASPHEMOUS GLUTTON DOMESTIC GODDESS HOOD.

And speaking of Goddesses, I was so free on Friday night (still nursing the sniffles) I got out my glue gun, a few bunches of beautiful cream and pink foam roses, florist vine, and made myself another Lana Del Rey inspired floral crown.

The look is very different from my previous crown – and it shows in photos – it’s so lush, luscious and dreamy looking ! I’ll be able to do two looks now!

It was pretty expensive to make – picking foam over fake plastic flowers, however, is definitely worth it because the effect is so much more magical. Artificial flowers may look good in photos but in person it just looks a little try too hard. I paid about $35 in all for the flowers, but something similar on Etsy would set me back by USD $90, easy. (this is me justifying spending the cost of five dinners on fake flowers to an exasperated K).

I think it was worth it ! Some support would be nice 😦

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend !




2 thoughts on “Scones x Flowers

  1. Cynthia says:

    The mini wooden chopping board is cute. I like that.

    Next time can also try savory scones. Ham and tomatoes herbs etc. Just some idea to share.

    Will you wear the floral crown out? Yeah form it’s more better quality looking compared to plastic artificial.

    1. libbyty says:

      Yes, I love the chopping board, it makes my food look so pretty 🙂 And I was also thinking of doing savoury scones, but my husband said he doesn’t think he’d like them so maybe quiches for him instead ! I’m wearing the floral crown for my Italy holiday, can’t wait =x

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