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K and I have developed a new and very unhealthy addiction – to K-dramas.

Ok scratch that. I didn’t develop one, I already had one, but like they say in AA, addictions are diseases – they never go away, they just go into remission. So yes, my name is Elizabeth and I’m K-drama addict. And I inadvertently turned my husband into one as well.

Anyways, we were on a Roof Top Prince marathon – I know, I’m a little late, but it’s only recently that I’ve found the time to catch up on anything besides work, my grand dad and sleep. I loved the premise – time travel? romance? good looking stars? – and after watching about 2 episodes, I was hooked.

So we holed up the entire Sunday, me armed with a box of tissues and K armed with a wastepaper basket (so I don’t just fling aforementioned tissues about) and watched about 9 episodes. It was pretty great. We laughed until our sides hurt and we (actually just me) cried at all the angsty and emotional parts. While my favourite Korean drama of all time will always and forever be Stairway to Heaven (I cried and wheezed so hard I got sick for three days and got diagnosed with severe swollen tonsils), Roof Top Prince was fun and a refreshing change to our usual dose of English dramas (Revenge, Criminal Minds, Grimm, Once Upon a Time) which, while great to watch, cannot be done as a marathon.

Revenge: I start dreaming of being angmoh and moving to the Hamptons. I am constantly suspicious of people bugging my house and watching my every move. I can’t get over how perfect Emily’s hair is. I want to age like Victoria. I wonder why I do not have hidden parents and siblings.

Criminal Minds: I can no longer leave the house without clutching my keys in between my fingers as a weapon. When I pass by silent, large houses I imagine that there are young abducted girls who have been raped and are incarcerated in the basement. The world seems a dark, dark dangerous place. I profile my husband.

Grimm: Not enough episodes. Cannot marathon.

Once Upon a Time: Ditto, plus the storyline is getting trite and I’m sick of the good people losing. Also, the Snow White Prince Charming pairing which so captivated me in the earlier season has been relegated to the Emma-Bael version, which has less chemistry. Boooring.

So anyway, I highly recommend Roof Top Prince. While it does get a little draggy in the later half, the ending is worth the wait. It was heartbreaking, beautiful, and revelatory. We were transfixed. K even teared.

And after the marathon, the both of us were so drained we and had eyes so swollen we didn’t want to leave the house. So I dug up the leftovers and we had an impromptu Korean dinner and it was awesome.

I made 부대찌개. or Army Stew

It’s basically a hodge podge of tasty ingredients thrown into a spicy, sweet stew base which you eat slowly while perspiring profusely. It is delicious.

It’s called “Army Stew” because it was conceived during the War, when people didn’t really have enough to eat – they’d just toss everything they had – SPAM, mushrooms, instant noodles, eggs and make a meal out of it, the spicy sauce covering the canned or processed taste.

Since I didn’t have many of the usual ingredients, I just used whatever I had – the same, in spirit, right?

For our version, I used baby Portobello and golden straw mushrooms, silken tofu, beddar cheddar sausages, sweet red onion, baby butterhead lettuce, fresh corn, sliced carrots, and some leftover shabu pork belly.

Arrange it prettily. Place pot on induction cooker. Turn on air conditioner. Prep large mugs of Coke. It’s truly awesome. I did the same thing for a bunch of my friends and they absolutely loved it. With fried chicken on the side.

Another bonus is that it’s so easy to prepare. Just slicing and chopping. Almost no washing up, too !


Hungry monsters !

C mentioned on Saturday at how good my husband is at posing for photos. It’s true. I think he’s always had some hidden camwhore capability – he’s got an expression for every situation and somehow never ends up looking ridiculous or constipated like me 😦

What can I say, I must bring out the best in him !

Happy Thursday, everyone! The weekend is nearly here, rejoice (I won’t be, since K is flying for work AGAIN)




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