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One thing that struck me as being really obvious when I was uploading photos from Hong Kong into my MacBook was how happy I looked when I was there.

I scoffed when K said that I looked radiant and somehow softer once I was back with my family, but I see what he saw now.

It makes me more than a little sad, but yes, in the time in between, fending for myself in Singapore, I have developed new hard edges and deep sadnesses. I’m sure it’s all part of growing up and learning to be alone, but when I was with my family in HKG, I slept well, ate well, laughed a lot, and in general felt free like a bird and insulated from all the trouble in my life.

I know I’m very very blessed to have a family which makes me feel this way, so I’ll leave it at that, and in the days in between my visits, I’ll be counting down till I see them again 🙂

In the meantime, all you lucky people who get to feel your parent’s love and care in the same country as you every day, count your blessings and tell them how much you love them today !


Leaving for Milan tonight !




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