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The next day, the weather cleared up significantly and we were finally able to visit the beautiful Basilica of San Marco. It’s my second time there, the first being on my Bunny trip with A almost exactly a year before (see here) and unfortunately it seemed like this time around, half of the Basilica was covered in scaffolding and being restored.

Here’s A and Me, 2012. You can see from what we’re wearing the weather was lovely that day ! The square was filled with children and pigeons, an orchestra was playing at the cafes nearby, it was really like a slow, sultry dreamscape and if I only have one memory I could keep of Venice, that day would probably be it.


Miss you, A !

Anyway, since it was K’s first time seeing the breathtaking Byzantine-style architecture of San Marco, so we snapped a couple sel-ca too. They really don’t make buildings so beautiful anymore – I could go back to Venice a million times and still be dazzled by the intricate, exotic details and the gold and blue facade.

Venice, wait till my kids are old enough to see you before disappearing ! Every time I see how hard the city is struggling to stay above water (so many buildings are already half submerged and works are always ongoing to maintain the crumbling heritage sites) I felt so sad – the Venetians used to be the most progressive, prosperous and colourful civilisation in the world!

The Piazza, or Square, facing the Basilica – is full of Venetian-style cafes with their own little mini orchestras. I would absolutely have loved to stop for a cappuccino or macchiato and a little pastry but as expected, it was a complete rip off (7 euros for a Coca Cola, anyone?) and we contented ourselves with strolling around the square and just enjoying the music for free (cheapskates we all) and admiring the white balustrades of the Doge’s Palace.

Here we are, just outside the Doge’s Palace facing the sea. I remember feeling so carefree and happy in that singular moment, right at the beginning of our crazy fun-filled holiday, and I think it’s captured pretty well in this photo of Mints and I fooling around at the lamp posts (yes we got a lot of “weird asians” looks but we didn’t care. You’re only young (and ridiculous) once.

If I’ve been sounding a little melancholy or keeping to myself recently, friends, I hope you can understand. I’m going through one of the darkest times of my life right now, and I find it really hard to reach out because I’m completely out of my depth here and I really don’t want to burden anyone else with my problems. All I know right now, is I need a way to get my mojo back and my life on track.

Thank you so much to those who’ve left little messages of support and love – every single one of them was read, appreciated, and many made my cry too.

I’ll still keep blogging about my Italy trip because it makes me happier, if only for a while in the wee hours of the morning, but I hope the next time I’m back here to blog about my life, it will be as a happier Libby.




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