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Today’s Venice entry will be less words and more photos – I was thinking of combining this set of snaps together with other food photos to kind of bring it all together but as I was editing them I decided that they deserved a post of their own, because they captured our moods that day particularly well.

While Paris (oh as cliched as it sounds) to me, is the European city which has left the most indelible mark on my heart and in my mind, Venice is a close second. Both cities make me terribly dreamy – I behave like I’m in a magic-induced trance like state and I am perpetually filled with a sense of wonder and awe.

Venice’s beauty, for me, lies in its bright colors and unexpected flashes of sparkling sea. On our third day in Venice, it was still pretty (three-layers) cold, but i wanted badly to wear some colour to reflect the vibrancy of the place.

Snaps by my husband, K !

Yes, my shoes match my new Prada bag ! The shoes have been around for a while, but my new cute little Prada sling was purchased in Venice ! I fell instantly in love with the pop of bright pink it’s in – the season color is “Peonia / Peony” (my favourite flower) and it was just .. meant to be.

Despite it’s tiny appearance – it can hold a lot. K was amazed by the number of things – wallet, sunscreen, travel brush, sunglasses, camera, travel dry shampoo, tissues – I managed to stuff into it without affecting it’s shape. ^^

Here’s Mints and J at their favourite spot in the apartment – smoking by the window of the master bedroom lol.

Our walk that day took us to another side of town – the destination in mind being Venice’s only Michelin-starred restaurant, Da Fiore.

On the way there, we passed the Santa Lucia train station which brought us there from Milan – and we were lucky enough to catch a Gondola Pageant in progress – basically Venetians bling up / mod their gondolas, don Roman wreaths, and  parade their boats – and themselves – down the main canal, cheering wildly. It looked very fun.

Da Fiore was a bit off the beaten track and deeper into the quiet neighbourhoods, so with two hours to spare and fairly good weather (the sun was out even if the winds were biting!)

It may have something to do with the warm, peachy brick color that all the Venetians use for their homes, but the city seemed to glow that afternoon, as the sun hit the walls and bathed everything in a rosy tint which made blue windows bluer and our smiles, brighter. 🙂

A visit to a Farmacie yielded two bottles of Venetian-bottled, 100 per cent pure essential oils which smelled absolutely divine. Bergamot and Lemon Verbena for me (I like energizing, citrusy fragrances) and a really nice mellow calming Rosemary for Mints.

And.. selca !

The sun was blinding and I couldn’t bring myself to take yet another expressionless photo of my husband and myself hiding behind large sunglasses lol 🙂

And in the next photo, you’ll see what I mean by hidden beauty everywhere. We’d just crossed one of the hundreds of Ponte’s (bridges) dotting Venice, and I took a look to my left, to see this:

It was quite a surreal moment for me. There’s just so much texture and depth in every corner it just blew my mind. K says it’s lucky we don’t live here or he may murder me the millionth time I exclaim at how lovely everything is. He also says it wouldn’t be so lovely if our basement was perpetually flooded with acqua alta and I realized that we would have to take a boat (I am prone to motion sickness) to get to the nearest Chanel. He has a point.

Happy M and J !

And the sign of a coffee shop on our way to Da Fiore, only because I was really surprised by how pretty light brown and turquoise green could look together. Very Santorini.

And we finally arrived at our destination (just kidding, we circled around the restaurant at least thrice wondering if they would let us in early)

We had such high hopes for the food there, but unfortunately, it was more miss than hit 😦 More about that in our next entry – when we find out that 5 euro cichetti in Venice can be better (both service and taste wise) than our 300 euro meal.




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