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I’ve gotten a few e-mails and blog comments about my bags (thanks, JH!) asking me if I’d blog about my collection and how I take care of my bags. Although I’m not very comfortable about sharing everything on my blog, but maybe from time to time I will share how many things I can stuff into them?  Happy compromise? ^^

So for a casual day outing of about five hours or so, this is what I can stuff into Elphaba, my black Chanel 255 lambskin purse.

(Actually very boring)


Top Row (from left)

Pink Metallic Case – this holds three or four bobby pins and a hair tie. Extremely important in Singapore’s humid weather – plus my skin is so sensitive that I always need to pin my hair away from my face or I will literally break out the same night. The cute case has a mirror under the lid so I can check for makeup malfunctions too ! ^^

Cute Pen – It’s cute for a reason  – it makes it so much easier for me to find my pens ! My bags are usually like pen-black-holes – they disappear and I never see them again so I need bright and cheery easy to spot ones. As a journalist, I am always in need for a pen to scribble down something interesting heard or seen, or sudden phone calls with detailed instructions I need to take down on a napkin.

IPhone 5 – self-explanatory. I’m so dependent on my phone that if someone where to take it away from me for more than an hour, I start imagining that it’s ringing and that all my e-mails are accumulating into an un-clearable pile (true story – after my Italy trip, I returned home to a whopping 675 work mails)

Second row (from left)

Jurlique Hand Cream – This is, IMHO, the holy grail of all hand creams. I also love L’occitane and Crabtree and Evelyn but they don’t give me enough moisture anymore. Jurlique is really intensely hydrating without being sticky at all and I don’t have to keep applying it every hour in the office. It also has a lovely lavender smell. A little bit goes a long way, because it’s really expensive in Singapore .. I think that tube goes for over $60?  C got me mine from Australia at half the price.

House Keys – Also self explanatory. Have become epically easier to find since I attached my colourful Laduree macaron keychain I bought in Paris last summer.

Wallet – I fell in love with my red Chanel lambskin wallet at first sight. Although it’s a pain to maintain – it already has black marks on all the corners I absolutely love it’s size – all my long Prada wallets take up so much space in my smaller bags I can barely fit in anything else.

Third row (from left)

My Casio EX TR150 camera – I am in love with this camera. It is so difficult to get that in HKG and China they are selling it on the black market for over $1,000 ! But that’s because it’s a really awesome selca (self portrait) camera and also exactly the right size. My skin always looks amazing on the makeup mode and the angle is always perfect. In Singapore, you have to buy another Casio camera before they allow you to get this one. I blinged it up with pretty stickers from Japan in a Paris inspired design !

Touch up makeup – I carry around the mini sample sized Shiseido makeup in pale coral so I can quickly touch up my lips before an interview or after a meal. It’s tiny size is just perfect. When it runs out I’ll switch back to my Benetint Pocket Pal – one side Benetint one side gloss ! I also carry around the ZA perfect fit concealer to touch up after a long day at work if I’m headed out to meet anyone for dinner.

Tissue – to fix every boo-boo.

OK that’s it ! Boring right? 🙂

Till the next post !




6 thoughts on “Littlebowgirl x What’s in my bag?

  1. JH says:

    Thank you for the sharing 🙂
    I guess I will consider caviar instead of lambskin (though really love how lush it makes the bag looks) since I’m kind of clumsy and I take public transport where. My heart will feel the scratch if my bag is scratched. Haha.

    1. libbyty says:

      No prob 🙂 Have fun !!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Hahaha we have a few items similar but some
    in a different colour, and a different scent. *winkz*

    1. libbyty says:

      Haha hello! You’re always so mysterious! I’m guessing.. the hand cream?? ^^

  3. Cynthia says:

    Ya hand cream, wallet, and keychain.

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