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Work has been absolutely crazy these past two weeks, so I haven’t really had time to sit down and blog about anything except my Italy trip, so here’s a photo dump  – of all the little blessings and small surprises that have kept the frown off my face even when my smiles started to slip 🙂

#1 Happy Thing: SLEEP !

The first one has got to be waking up to little Benjy snuggling sleepily next to me every morning ^^ It immediately brightens up my day and makes me feel really loved. Also, waking up to fresh air in the room thanks to the Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier/Humidifier/Ionizer that my hero husband managed to get from Best Denki is something I make sure not to take for granted – really hope the haze continues to stay away !

This is my face after waking up:


Yup, I will never be an early bird. Never. I will always be the lazy pig in the blanket begging for another 5 minutes to snooze or throwing a tantrum if the nagging doesn’t stop. But this week, I’ve been on the afternoon shift, which allows me a WHOLE EXTRA HOUR of sleep in the morning, and I’m thankful for that 🙂

#2 Happy Thing: Food !


Because it was Mint’s birthday two weeks ago (an epic drinking and singing session that left Claire and I wasted and mumbling incoherently while lost in the labyrinth corridors of K-box) I baked her Hello Kitty Sugar Cookies!

I really love sugar cookies – they are sweet, but also extremely buttery and have enough heft, almost like shortbread but not as artery clogging. Biting into a cute Hello Kitty just makes it even more fun! I had four of these in one sitting with a delicate little cup of chilled Earl Grey Milk Tea one weekend afternoon and blissed out ^^

Another bake I’ve done recently was a recipe I haven’t turned to in a long time – my self invented Strawberry White Chocolate Blondies !


I looked in the fridge, saw a package of Ghirardelli White Chocolate Chips (I bought them on an inspired binge a while back but changed my mind when I looked at my burgeoning waistline) and another basket of slightly wilted looking strawberries and immediately was inspired to bake these blondies. Here’s the magic – the white chocolate chips are melted and go into the butter mixture – they aren’t just thrown in for flavour. It makes for such a dense, moist, sticky blondie with hints of sweet-sour strawberry.

K fell in lust with these immediately and couldn’t stop scarfing them down. I had two bars on a particularly bad day two weeks ago – actually the worst day of my 2013, and I felt marginally better, which is saying a lot.

Let me know if you want the recipe – it’s an instant feel-gooder and definitely a keeper for any girl going through issues.

#3 Happy Thing: A dose of Kawaii !


Last Saturday, I finally met the Vivi goddess who is Fuji Lena and I DIED. I LOVE LENA FUJI ! She is my style and shape inspiration. It kills me how pretty she looks no matter what she wears and she’s already past the big 3-0. I was at the press conference for the styleXstyle Asia Fashion Collection btw, and yes that’s Tsubasa Masukawa, gyaru queen, next to Lena. I was in full-on fan girl mode. Doesn’t she look so cute in that EMODA getup?

I nearly ran over to ask her for a photo at the risk of possibly losing my job to unprofessionalism. But I’m saving that humiliation for the next time I see T.O.P. Now that’s one sex god I’m willing to get unemployed over.

Next dose of kawaii – the Japanese girls at the styleXstyle bazaar’s Tokyo Kawaii booth !

They gave Yaya and I free full-sized products ! A really pretty and unavailable in Singapore pink-brown eyeshadow I’m so going to use for summer looks when I’m in Seoul ! And they loved my Celine bag !


I bought the Girly Bear to use as a bag charm – isn’t it adorable? I’ve always wanted a sailor dress just like the bear’s but they always only come in kids sizes. Time to grow up, Libby.

#4 Happy Thing: FRIENDS 🙂

Beautiful beautiful lilac and cream roses from Mints, who also runs a florist business ! They are so gorgeous on my dining table next to my Laduree tea and cake stands that I have to stop and gaze at them on my way out the door every morning.


Besides that, crazy dinners full of non stop laughter and leaking bladders with my Mons at Imperial Treasure, Sushi Tei lunches to discuss our shopping woes, Korea trip planning with the CC Girls – I’ve been feeling really supported, encouraged and loved – I have no reason not to try harder for myself when so many people care about me.

To top it off, my parents were back last weekend, and it made me so very very happy to have them around again, if only for a day or two !

Finally, a group of people who I don’t mention often here but have been such rocks for me – my colleagues.

Jea and Peace, thank you babes for that lovely hand made card and the super yummy raspberry financiers / pistachio cranberry pound cake from Chye Seng Huat Hardware. They were delicious and made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

I really love my job and my colleagues, many of whom have become my friends – and I am so thankful that God has seen it fit to bless me with such supportive, understanding and caring angels !


Now with that much going on for me, I promise to only keep looking forward and up !




2 thoughts on “Happy Things x Little Bow Girl

  1. Cynthia says:

    The kitty cookies looks really special, with blue eyes? They looks v well made. As well as your strawberry white choc cakes. Makes me feel like eating cake.

    1. libbyty says:

      Thanks Cynthia 🙂 Yup blue eyes, cos my friend Mints likes to wear blue colored contact lenses ! Would you like the recipe for the strawberry white chocolate blondies?

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