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I’m house-bound and bed bound at the moment, so I figured I’d use the time to do some blogging ! I know I’ve hardly been updating but I really have some personal stuff that I can’t disclose here so I hope you guys understand! And when you have a blogging backlog as huge as mine (Italy and Seoul not even half done) the inertia is just crazy.

I update much more often on Instagram so look for me there instead @littlebowgirl !

Anyways, it was my husband K’s birthday last week – and yes, he turned 31. I think its really disgusting how no one believes he’s 31 – the confident answer when asked to guess his age is usually 25/26 and in the States and Europe, people think we’re teenagers.

What do you think? Honest answers !


Of course, I decided to use K’s birthday dinner as an excuse to dress up – I’ve been wearing nothing but comfortable clothing lately – sweaters, leggings, flats, bunned up hair – so it did feel really good to let my hair down and put on a little life changing slap. 😉

Also, finally got  a chance to wear my ModCloth dress again – with shipping, this dress is just too expensive to wear once (it made it’s last outing during our second anniversary dinner, which I -guilty face- still haven’t blogged about yet)



Dress: ModCloth Swing Dress in Black –

Shoes – Ferragamo Pumps (Red)

Purse and earrings – Chanel

Dinner was at Morton’s at Mandarin Oriental – K is a huuuge fan of steak and I figured we might as well splurge on something good (me, not we actually haha). We were considering Skirt at W or Wolfgang Puck’s Cut at MBS but I had such a craving for Morton’s crab cakes and you know, sometimes old is gold so to Morton’s we went.

The steakhouse is really traditional – dim, warm lighting, table service, heavy cast iron / pewter table lamps, deep dark woody palette.


I’d told the staff that it was K’s birthday in advance so we got a really nice private outfacing booth and even some cheesy but cute tinsel on the table and a personalized birthday menu ! I love outfacing booths.. we’re huge people watchers (some say stalkers) and its quite lovely getting to hold hands sometimes while we eat and just enjoy the moment without accidentally knocking food or cutlery off the table.

Pictured here is the huge-ass onion loaf and giant slabs of butter we had for bread-and-butter. And, word of warning to the dainty – you have to eat this with your steak knife. No delicate side plates with small french-style butter knives here. Very macho.


Happy Birthday darling K, otherwise known to the rest of the world as Alex !

For starters, we had the crab cake – also my personal highlight.


It may seem like a lot to pay ($40) for a single crab cake but trust me, it’s worth it. The amount of lump crab in there is the equivalent to a whole, juicy fair-sized crab sans shell and its fresh and delicious. There’s onions for extra savouriness, I think breadcrumbs for crunch and texture, and a little spice that makes it so very very moresome. Perfect with a squeeze of lemon and mayonnaise on the side.

Needless to say, I nearly wiped K’s half off his plate, which he gave to me willingly for once.

And then our mains – this was the moment we realized we’d ordered for four.

Maybe because the previous time I had steak at Morton’s it was with a much bigger party, but I’d forgotten how huge the portions for their sides were (good for four hungry people, seven starving gazelles)

We ordered the USDA Prime Rib Eye which was huge, hulking, perfectly cooked, and meltingly tender with great beefy bite.


And on the side?

Some awesome and truly sinful mashed potatoes with all the works – bacon bits, butter, spring onion. It was smooth, fluffy and really delicious. I’m pretty sure they use only russet potatoes to get that kind of cloud-like potatoes – I personally like mixing starchier potatoes with russet potatoes for mash with dimension but this was really good anyways!

And then creamed spinach, which I’ve been craving for since my US trip earlier this year when I was re-introduced to the joys of making everything better with cream. I was trying to figure out how I’d finish the whole thing on my own because K generally hates all savoury creamy food but to my extreme surprise, he really liked it !

Word of warning – it’s really rich . Like really. Like we ate half and felt like we had second trimester food babies kind of rich.

And then a chopped salad which was quite delicious (I love blue cheese dressing) and really helped cut through the carb/cream/protein rich everything.


Yes it was epic. But it was good, really to stuff my face with such abandon – it’s something I haven’t done in a long time because I generally stick to my weight-maintenance routine of only eating until you’re 70 per cent full. There was hell to pay that night – food coma, food night mares and a general feeling of being a beached whale, but we had such a lovely, romantic time I think it was all worth it.

There was a Birthday Grand Marnier souffle compliments of Morton for dessert and it was perfect ! Fluffy and golden on the outside, eggy and custardy on the inside and a good generous splash of Grand Marnier – memories of our Paris Christmas dinner at Au Petit Marguery came to mind ^^


Happy 31st Birthday again, K ! Hope you enjoyed the dinner as much as I did !!

(Here’s what happens when the camera has too much flash. My dress gets transformed)



Morton’s of Chicago Steakhouse

Mandarin Oriental Singapore
Fourth Storey
5 Raffles Avenue
Marina Square, Singapore



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