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Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

Knitting, scrapbooking, picking up crochet again? These are just a few of the many time-killing pursuits I have been rather half-heartedly picking up in my not-so-valiant attempts to alleviate the all-encompassing boredom that has now become the story of my life.

Ideally, if I had this much time on my hands, I’d be heading out with Benjy to a quiet dog-friendly cafe, Kobo in hand, to pass an afternoon people watching over a good coffee and a slice of cake, but as it is, I have to confine my out-going activities to just 3 hours each time and it just doesn’t make sense 😦

Also, when you are prone to retching up your most recent meal without notice or possibly faint should the sun become too unbearable, it’s a little unsafe to head out with just your clueless (but very cute) puppy for company.

Friends have been very sweetly pestering me to head out for tea or for lunch, but unfortunately, I’m not great company at the moment – right now it’s migraines and extreme fatigue and I feel bad wasting their time if I have to leave after just 20 minutes of catching up.

That’s why I’ve been living for weekends, mostly, when my too-busy husband is finally free to bring me out – he’s the only one I don’t feel bad whining non-stop about my aches, pains, and boredom to 🙂

Two weeks ago, I was well enough to go for brunch at Epicurious – we’d decided to take a calculated chance at their sole dog-friendly table and it, luckily, worked !

It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning and I loved the vibe at Robertson Quay, but unfortunately the food was only so-so, despite the rave reviews it got when Epicurious first opened.



I ordered the baked eggs with toast soldiers. It came pretty quickly, but was very underwhelming. While the eggs were a good runny consistency, they were also kind of tasteless – and the “stewed” tomatoes beneath turned out to be barely cooked slices of not-very-ripe tomatoes. This dish badly needed salt, butter and cream to give it the heft of a good breakfast !

I also added on breakfast potatoes on the side – which turned out to be slightly soggy, bitter and tasteless again 😦 very disappointed.

K’s Eggs Benedict was okay, nothing special and a little sour from too much lemon/vinegar used to cook the eggs.



The home-made ginger ale, however, was great ! Very refreshing and I love the intense fizziness of a freshly opened can of soda water – hits the back of my throat just right ! (Sorry I’m very deprived because I now lead a caffeine free existence where, devoid of my daily Coke or Cappucino / Earl Grey Tea, I have turned into a terrible cranky monster version of myself).

Benjy got lots of attention that morning, too !

Could have been his bumble-bee outfit from Seoul – too cute for words !

And a little family photo (while I am still normal sized and not a waddling whale)


Can’t wait to really hit my stride soon and start enjoying this special time the way it should be enjoyed !




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