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Blogging the last vestiges of my Seoul trip and my backlog will finally be cleared ! (Even if the Italy trip ones are still dragging)

My absolute favourite street / place to hang out in Seoul is Garosu-gil, aka Seoul’s Champs Elysees. I don’t think it needs any introduction – most people have heard of it’s amazing indie shops, local designers and jewellery smiths, and the great food available there.

But here are two new cafes I tried out when I was there – they’re supposed to be the most “in” places to be seen on Seoul’s cafe scene at the moment.

The first is the Deux Cremes Cafe, hugely popular for their cream, fruit and chocolate tarts !


While I’m not unfamiliar with lavishly decorated and oversized fruit tarts (Fruit Tart Paradise having already made it’s way to Singapore’s shores a long time ago), I was really interested in trying out Deux Creme’s selection – which seemed even more sophisticated and interesting. Think Muscat Grapes Tart and even an Earl Grey Tart (Earl Grey seems to be a hit flavour here and I love that because it’s my favourite tea, too!)


Unfortunately by mid-day almost all the more exotic tarts were sold out so we ended up ordering the more ordinary berry tart, mixed fruits tart, and the chocolate fondant tart instead.


To be honest, they weren’t amazing. The tart base had a layer of what I think was almond frangipane between the cream and the actual base that made the fruits taste strongly of almond and less of custard and the fruits were disappointingly – not very fresh.

Maybe we came on a bad day – or we all have spoilt tastebuds, because the locals at the other tables seemed to be enjoying themselves very much indeed. For us, it felt more like an “in” place to hang out versus a place with really great tarts.


What was really good, though, were their lattes. I ordered the pink latte on the left which is actually a goguma, or sweet potato, latte !

I’ve tried the yellow sweet potato version the last time I was in Seoul, but this was so much better ! It was sweet and creamy but not overpoweringly so, and the sweet potato lent a really smooth, yet slightly smokey taste to the latte. Very complex and very comforting.


🙂 Yes, I was clearly enjoying myself.

Some other really cute cafes along Garosu-gil :



Now here’s place I really want to recommend – the Mug for Rabbit cafe. It was introduced to us by Claire’s good friend Ji Young and it was such a lovely place to stop for a tea break on a rainy day (and trust me, it was pouring !)

It’s a beautifully appointed and very quaint cafe involving two levels of timber and concrete floors. The furniture is black, curling patio furniture, lending it a really hipster, laid-back vibe. Not very comfortable, but the smells wafting from the counter more than make up for it .

Here are some of the displays on the upper floor, which you have to brave a flight of railing-less wooden slat-stairs – I spotted more than one high-heeled Korean girl wobbling her way down with a barely concealed expression of fear as she balanced her tray full of goodies. >.<


We ordered the too-cute-to-resist Bunny Cupcake – which was a coconut yellow cake.

Claire and I aren’t really fans of coconut, but it the topping was nice, light and fluffy ! The yellow cake inside was moist and quite more-ish too, a fun-eat, overall !


The real piece(s) de resistance were the cakes, though.

Their hefty sized carrot cake – moist, laden with carrot and spices, and frosted with a delightfully light whipped cream cheese frosting, was impressive. I liked the banana pound cake even better – it was perfect – dense enough, with a clean crumb and a robust, fresh banana taste as well as a nice soft crust on top.


Highly recommended !


I also had an Iced Chestnut Latte, which was deliciously milky. I’m a huge fan of milky, lightly sweet caffeinated drinks and if you’re anything like me, you’ll love the drinks Mug for Rabbit has on offer.

🙂 Hope this entry helped answer some of the requests for cafe recommendations I’ve received !



❤ Mug For Rabbit (Sinsa-dong 가로수길) ❤

534-25 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 1F (서울 강남구 신사동 534-25 1층)

❤ Deux Cremes Tart Cafe

533-11 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu (강남구 신사동 533-11); +82 2 545 7931


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