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They say your appetite and tastebuds undergo a massive change when you’re pregnant, and it’s true !

I’ve put on over 5 kg in my first trimester, to my horror ! In the beginning, my heart used to really sink every time I stepped on the scale and saw the number getting bigger and bigger.

But I keep telling myself that these 9 months will be the only legitimate excuse (until the next baby) I have to eat (almost) anything I want and pack on the pounds without being judged.

So, I am determined to enjoy it !

Especially now, during my second trimester, when the morning sickness has mostly abated – food has finally become something I can enjoy and not just force down because I know I need to keep my baby healthy and full of the right nutrients.

Here’s a post for posterity of some culinary highlights I have been scarfing down in the past few weeks.

Caveat emptor: I do not eat like this on a daily basis or I would eat my husband and I out of our house and bank accounts. Haha!

Some mums-to-be or those trying for a kid have asked me to blog tips about eating right. I get all my information from Baby Centre, Mayo Clinic, and the Pregnant mum’s bible – Heidi Murkoff’s What to Expect When You’re Expecting (highly recommended for blur first time Mums like me)

Typically in the morning, I make myself a slice of White Meal Toast with Lurpark Salted Butter (this is really good for fighting off nausea and really, toast is such simple, wonderful comfort food). I also eat a pot of yoghurt with a handful of blueberries mixed in, and one sliced kiwi. All that goes down with a large refreshing glass of Florida’s Natural Grapefruit Juice.

I think it’s really important to start your day right when you’re pregnant – not because of any Earth Mother ideal, but because if you eat anything too heavy or oily you are likely to regurgitate the entire lot into your loo bowl. If you’re like me, you’ll try your best to keep it down but you’ll suffer from terrible indigestion or heartburn the whole day.

Save your calories for lunch, I say !

Here are some treats Peanut and I have been enjoying. This second trimester has been a dream so far – I’ve been getting out a lot more, going for an occasional massage or facial and lunch with friends. I still get tired super easily, but it’s heaven compared to the hell of the last three months.


This is the Parisienne Breakfast from Wild Honey I had for lunch during a very enjoyable catch up session with Juice, my secondary school friend. Heart attack on a plate, but the both of us polished it all off !

It’s – deep breath – four slices of french toast stuffed with ham and gruyere cheese, drizzeled with hollandaise, and plated with two sunny side up eggs, a salad, and sweet vine tomatoes.

I unashamedly tucked in, imagining my old self sitting across me from the table staring at me in horror and rapidly counting the calories on the plate with not a little glee. I’ll worry about that in six months!


Royce’s PotatoChip Chocolate (Mild Bitter) are my latest indulgence. My mouth tastes terrible everyday – sometimes like metal, sometimes like cotton wool, and I find myself always reaching for extra sour food, or food that has more complex flavours.  These PotatoChip Chocolate snacks are the perfect mix of bitter chocolate and salty ruffled potato chips ! At $15 for a small pack, it does seem like an unnecessarily costly television snack but what time better than this – two people benefit from one box. Make that three – I see my husband sneaking a handful from the fridge as I type.


Cedele has become my best friend during my pregnancy ! I love their pastas, soups and salads – they are wholesome, MSG free and the produce is always fresh !

This grilled seabass with salsa and fresh ripe avocado is especially delicious and has all the right components – tomatoes, pumpkin, mushrooms, beans – yum !

Soups wise – the saffron clam chowder and the tofu chicken mushroom chowder are also excellent.


And finally, Classic Cake’s Choc Chip Mille Crepe ! The textures in this little slice of heaven are amazing – crunchy chocolate chips, smooth patisserie cream, crepe layers, and a lovely caramelized sugar top. Not too sweet, and perfect with my one-a-day cup of milky Earl Grey (on a caffeine restriction right now).

Back soon with a post on what I wear these days since most of my clothes don’t fit anymore 😦




2 thoughts on “Peanut Cravings

  1. Evergreen says:

    You can opt for Decaffeinated Earl Grey from Twinings for USD4.05 for 25 bags per box from US shopping site iherb. Here is the link Also, iherb is offering Free Shipping via Singpost for this month, not sure when it ends though. Good to stock up on moisturizers or body oils for stretch marks or whatever you need. I just took advantage of the free shipping.

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi Evergreen !

      Thanks for the tip :)) I’ll definitely be using it !!!

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