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So this is what KX and I had for brunch last Saturday, our first weekend since coming back from Sydney.


As you can see, we are on some sort of healthy/whole foods bender (ignore the cheddar eggs) and it’s all to do with the amazing food we had when we were in Sydney. It’s really inspiring how good fresh produce can so easily be converted into simple but wholesome meals which require minimal cooking, butter, oil, and dirty pans !

The *star* of that morning’s breakfast were the two slices of hearty foccacia topped with 1) Hummus and Honey Sunflower Seeds and 2) Mashed Avocado with coriander, lime and sprinkled with Maldon Sea Salt.

I’ve been having these two items for lunch nearly everyday, or when I can get my hands on fresh avocados and I tell ya, it’s a keeper on my menu of lazy but fantastic foods.

Here’s how we got inspired – at Reuben Hills, this really hipster cafe/bistro Chloe brought us to in the Surry Hills district for lunch on our last day. It was a really great way to end a great trip.


Yes, very hipster. From the cracked, unadorned concrete floor to the open concept kitchen, tiled centre table with BOUGHS (yes boughs, not twigs) in a huge glass jar.

The crowd was very cool. There was this guy with the whole facial hair, sneakers, hat and ipad thing going on and another patron who looked like she was wearing a very artfully styled dead ostrich (not in a bad way).  Great people watching.

But the best thing about Reuben Hills was that it didn’t only look and feel cool, the food and coffees really matched up to the vibe – I don’t know how many times I’ve been disappointed by over-hyped and painfully minimalist-chic looking coffee places in Singapore which serve awful food and soapy coffee.

So. The food ! (I’m all about the food these days. Can’t bear to look in the mirror)

C and K ordered their famous baked eggs, one with Jamon and another with blood sausage!


Really, really delicious stuff ! I think it was Tunisian-inspired – the tomato base was redolent with the spices of harissa, red peppers, garlic – very very savoury and just so rich and tangy with the barely-done eggs. The blood sausage was really interesting as well – well spiced and with a meaty, crumbly texture that really gave some heft to the eggs. I liked it better than the Jamon (ham) version, which was less unusual.


But very much enjoyed by K anyway, who baulked at the sight of the blood sausage and turned a little green (incidentally, I would like to point out that he probably enjoyed the trip the most between the both of us – he still cannot stop talking about the food, the weather and how well he slept every night thanks to Aunty C’s crazy comfortable mattress. I cannot say the same for myself because I was treated to even louder snoring than usual).


Happy girls !


And here, really, is my point about being inspired by the brunch – I couldn’t get over how yummy the open-faced avocado sandwich was !

So simple – just generous amounts of fresh mashed avocado with a little chopped onion mixed in, coriander on the top, and a sprinkle of smokey charred lime on crusty rye but it was so delicious ! K kept trying to steal lumps from my plate which I very strenuously rebuffed – DO NOT GET BETWEEN A PREGNANT WOMAN AND HER FOOD.


And the drinks – just as good !

I had a cappucino and I think C had a cafe latte – just look at the amazing latte art and the number of “leaves” they got in (according to C, the number of branches a barista can get in is how you can tell how skilled he is at latte art)

And the coffee was smooth, velvety, with no bitter aftertaste – just a woody, mellow tang. I’m not even that big on coffee but I really enjoyed my cup. Their salted caramel milkshake is also to-die-for – thick, creamy, salty, milky with smooth caramel. Three of us shared it and not surprisingly, it was a much bigger hit with us girls.


Reuben Hills

61 Albion St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

So .. yes, I’ve definitely been eating well – and in this second trimester, I’ve been doing really good! They really mean it when they call the second trimester the honeymoon period – most of my nasty symptoms are gone and I can stomach food which previously made me retch uncomfortably. The best part is that I now have more energy – which means that I can get busy meeting up with friends, family, cooking myself nutritious and delicious meals and finally helping out a little bit more with the housework, which poor K has been shouldering for over three months !

So much to plan this week – a wedding to attend, a friend’s shop opening to celebrate, another mini-wedding to help with, and I can’t wait to see my friend A’s new baby son !

A few readers have asked me if I could blog a bit more about pregnancy – to be honest, I have no idea how to start ! Everyday there is something new to learn about myself and my baby, and there’s so much to share ! It would help if you guys could tell me what you want to find out more about – coping with pregnancy emotionally? physically? I’d be more than happy to share if it helps!

Life is good !




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