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It’s that time in my life now when all my lovely girlfriends are starting to settle down with the loves of their lives 🙂

So I’m a little “ahead of the curve”, having tied the knot two years ago and with a little baby on the way, but I still feel so excited and exhilarated at their weddings – there are few things less moving than watching two people in love, choosing to love each other for the rest of their lives and in that moment, binding themselves together with a bond that means their lives will never be the same again 🙂

Last Friday, it was my JC clique-mate Grace’s lovely dinner banquet at The Four Seasons.

K was my plus one, but if I were to be really honest, I was more looking forward to spending time with my best girls and catching up with my ex-classmates. Although I see the D.Utd sisters almost twice a month, it’s so much fun dressing up for a wedding !

I was a bit sad that given my current shape, many pretty dresses I have hanging, hardly worn, in my walk-in, will not be used for the next five months, but I was determined to enjoy myself comfortably and stylishly – in the form of a flowing, black tube maxi with gold details I picked up in Sydney (thanks for the recommendation, Chloe!)

I am now a big fan of maxis. People stare – especially when they see my baby bump, but they are so crazily comfy and easy to throw on (shorts become practically useless when your belly is expanding at the rate mine is) ! Perfect mummy to be wear.

All dressed-up !


Haha sexy Abby and I were all matchy matchy.

And you know, I needn’t have worried what I was wearing, because the focus (when not on the bride and groom) were completely on Princess Peanut. Lots of bump rubbing but far from being annoyed, I was feeling really blessed that P was already the recipient of so much love and affection even before her first diaper change!

With darling Wulan who just got married in the coziest, most heartwarming little ceremony today (she gets her own blog post!)


And Jings – the emcee of the night ! – Who, incidentally, is also tying the knot in December !!!!! :))) (Told you tis the season to be wedded)


As you can see, Baby P is really starting to show. It’s pretty amazing, is what it is. I feel like I’m never alone these days, and definitely never lonely. Even though she hasn’t started to kick yet, but from time to time, I just reach down and rub my bump and I think, I have a daughter ! I’ve done it about a hundred times now but the wonder doesn’t get old 🙂

And of course, a photo with Baby P’s Daddy, who really deserves more credit in this whole pregnancy thing.

Friends (and even strangers) have been coming up to me and telling me how good my skin looks for a pregnant woman and how fresh I am. Truth is, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m crazy about maintenance. I take premium quality bird’s nest that I double boil myself (purchased with love by my Aunt and my Mum) almost every night, I mask and massage my face daily, and I sleep.. a lot. All things which would not have been possible if I had still been working a 9-5 job. Mums-to-be who are still working hard, I really admire you ! I was utterly wretched when I was doing both and fatigued to the point where I nearly lost Baby P.

Also I have the awesomest superhero husband who performs a daily “slave” duty (details shall thus remain private) that help make me as comfortable with this pregnancy as possible, and a fairly well behaved baby who has been amazing after a nightmare first trimester.


One thing I can’t hide though, is my newly enlarged and always red nose 😦

But back to G’s wedding !

Grace was truly radiant and so so beautiful that night ! Just like a princess – with sparkly bright eyes, lovely gowns, and fairy tale hair 🙂

Back in JC, she would always be the first to roll her eyes whenever we talked dreamily about happily ever afters or crushes on boys – look at you now G, and we’re so happy for you ! 🙂 Those days burning CDs of our favourite songs for each other, sleeping in the canteen, panicking about exams, complaining about annoying siblings have bonded us all in a way that is ultimately unforgettable 🙂

10 years on …


Isn’t she gorgeous !!!





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