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This month, we’ll be renovating our spare room into the perfect little Princess room and Nursery for Peanut !

Honestly, its quite early for us to start nesting at the 5 month mark but it’s a case of necessity more than anything else – the cot has arrived (and is so so beautiful with it dark beech wood frame and pale dusty pink bumper sheets) plus Peanut has so many outfits on little baby sized hangers which we need to find a home for!

I’m having a hard time controlling myself – she already has pretty blueberry milk colored tennis dresses, baptism shoes and hats, bibs, mountains of onesies, and deliciously soft little soft toys and comfort blankets I couldn’t resist picking up in Paris at the children’s boutiques along Rue De Rivoli.

One tip though – don’t buy more than the absolute basics in the 0-3 months range aka newborn because if you turn out to have a huge baby or a preemie the clothes are going to be pretty useless. So far I’ve only bought onesies and basic pyjamas for the 0-3 range and saved all the pretty dresses for the 3-6 month or 6-9 month period.

Peanut’s Daddy has really been getting into the mood of things recently – he frequently calls me up during the day to ask about Peanut and when we are out, he insists on peeking at all the prams and accosting all manner of babies or small children. It can be embarrassing but is really endearing 🙂

Like the outift above – which he chose personally for her !!

I also met my friend Azzah’s week-old baby son last week, and he’s just beautiful – I couldn’t help staring non stop at his face and when I asked her how she could stop herself from spending all day just gazing at Baby N, she deadpanned “When I’m sleeping”.


Sigh, babies are all so perfect. My mum says you’ll need to keep falling in love with them over and over again as babies and toddlers so you have enough love to keep you from tossing them all out when they go through puberty.




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