Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer


Hello from HKG !

Yes, I’m finally here and the weather for our first day has been a wonderful 14 degrees celsius up in the Peak !

The day has been just amazing – from Daddy and my little sister driving all the way to HKIA to pick us up to waiting hugs from my Mum and baby brothers at the door, Maddy yapping excitedly at our feet – and then the endless stream of yummy homecooked food which made me stuff myself beyond oblivion !

Yes, as you guys can see, I’ve finally fully started to “show” even in normal clothes at 26 weeks – just one week away from my final trimester !

And trust me, I know I look like a standing potsticker but I am not going to give up on taking pictures because these will be all I have to remember my first pregnancy and I’m sure when Baby S is older and (gulp) one day is expecting her own child, she’d want to know what kind of havoc she wreaked on her Mummy.


Color co-ordinated parents to be !


On me:

Worn to death pink hi-lo knit / 8 Seconds Seoul

Wool Cape Coat from Seoul

Crazy stretchy and comfortable maternity tights from New Look

Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers

Chanel Purse

Large Baby Bump

On K:

Pink Burberry Shirt

Random old black pants

Uniqlo/Muji Wool Coat (can’t remember which)

Dust-pink Tods

And here’s a picture of my two cuties – D and an all grown up Maddy (do you still remember her!) I will never admit to it in real life, but she really is adorable – her imploring, sweet round eyes and eager to please demeanour have endeared her to my parents’ entire neighbourhood !


I look at her now and I can’t believe that when we first adopted her she was under-nourished, ribs showing, with ear and eye infections, back rashes and bald spots. Every dog, pure bred or no, deserves to be loved and have a forever home!

The last-minute Christmas shopping also has officially commenced ! We braved the crowds to spend an afternoon at Times Square looking for the right pair of shoes for Daniel aka Cinderella and finally got him a really cool pair of vintage-style high tops from Onitsuka Tiger. Picky kid !


And a quick pop into Zara Baby can hardly pass without us getting something for Baby S – I know we are being ridiculous about buying her things before she’s even out – but I promise we are cutting down !


Her own little pair of Dorothy bow red shoes to take her home whenever she wants to !

Sooo happy right now – Home is truly where the Heart is – and my family is my whole heart.

Happy Holidays everyone – can’t wait till my other two brothers finally arrive !




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