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We used to do our Benjy Brunches almost every week but what with the pregnancy, the travelling etc and everything that filled up 2013 we haven’t had real quality time with our little furkid for months !

So Benjy, Mummy and Daddy are sorry about all those hurried 30-minute walks – we know we’ve spoiled you when you were a baby with swims at the beach, treks every Saturday and a seat by all our weekend brunches but you’re going to have to be a bit more understanding because Baby is coming soon ! Once she’s old enough we can, all four of us, go on Benjy Brunches together 🙂

This week we decided to check out Kith Cafe at Quayside Isle after hearing great things about their coffee.

Compared to their branch at Robertson Quay, Kith @ Quayside Isle is a lot more troublesome to access – you’ll have to drive into Sentosa (and pay a $7 charge) and then venture even further into the hallowed drives of Sentosa Cove.

However, we intended on bringing Benjy to Tanjong Beach after for a nice long walk on the sand so it was a happy arrangement !

Kith, an Australian-style bistro, serves breakfast until 5 pm so it’s perfect for lazy bums like us who like to lie-in. They don’t take reservations, but we were given a table pretty quick (15 mins wait)

Took a walk around the mini harbor – the weather was beautiful Sunday morning ! Sunny but not too hot, with a perfect breeze.


I think this may be one of very few, or maybe the only shot with all of us in it !

My bump is hardly noticeable in the photo, I know 🙂 Some people still can’t tell i’m pregnant at 30 weeks because Sophie is such a shy baby and prefers to hide rather than stick out – it’s quite funny how she’s a lot more obvious at the end of the day when my full stomach forces her to make an appearance 🙂

On a happy note, my nose has stopped it’s swelling and redness and while its still a lot larger than it was before I got pregnant, I no longer suffer from bad sinus – and my skin has totally cleared. Compared to my first trimester, my last trimester (which I expected to be difficult) is turning out to be quite a breeze (I hope I’m not speaking too soon!)

Anyway, not knowing how huge the portions at Kith were, K and I ordered a breakfast each, and it was waay too much !


K’s brunch:


He had the Blackstone Eggs ($18) , which were basically Eggs Benedict but with an extra half of a grilled tomato on each “patty”. The eggs were poached just right, and the hollandaise was sunny and silky ! I would definitely say that they were one of the better Eggs Benedicts we’ve had (and boy have we had many EBs) but Spruce’s, with its corn waffles instead of English muffins, is still our all-time favourite.

He also ordered an Earl Grey Iced Tea with Orange and Lavender, which was so refreshing and not too sweet ! At $6.50 a glass, I think it was a little steep but it was a big glass and so thirst quenching in the heat we would order it again.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I had the Soy Braised Pork Belly (Daoyu Bak, basically) with Sunny-Side up fried eggs and Brioche. 

Yes, basically it was a heart attack on a plate, but it came with some rocket/arugula salad and a whole stewed tomato. I felt it was worth every calorie – quivering pork belly with wobbly yolks on soft, pillowy bread ! But K found it strange – he’s never been a big fan of “fusion food” and said he would have liked his pork belly with lots of gravy on a bowl of rice with a hard boiled egg -_-

My cappucino was everything I expected it to be – velvety smooth, with an almost chocolatey aftertaste. Delicious ! There was no hint of acidity or bitterness (or heaven forbid, the burnt Starbucks taste) and I didn’t even need to add sugar ! The foam was also just right – sometimes you have to plunge through three unpleasant mouthfuls of milk foam to reach the coffee but Kith got the ratio perfectly.

Will definitely be back for brunch, especially since Kith is dog-friendly !


Ending off this post with a photo of Baby S, Benjy and me – I have resolved that despite feeling fat and frumpy, I must take as many photos as I can before I really get too big to leave the house (or as big as a house) 🙂

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend too !

Kith Cafe

31 Ocean Way, Quayside Isle, #01-08, 098375 Singapore




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