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It’s been three months since K and I started on Baby Sophie’s nursery, and now, at 32 weeks along, we are finally (more or less) done !

I read in some pregnancy books that it’s in the last two months or so that expectant couples start to develop overwhelming urges to “nest” – with symptoms ranging from rabid packing and cleaning to obsessing over baby clothing and the purchasing of prams – but it seems to K and I that we have done nothing but to nest like crazy since we discovered that we were expecting Sophie -_-

We’re especially proud of her nursery, though. When we first got started it was our spare room / K’s man cave and boy did it look like a cave – K’s computer table was stacked high with books, bills, the daily paraphernalia he accumulates in his pockets and just dumps around, broken cupboards, extra bed strewn with his dirty clothes – it was so bad I’d have to physically close the door every day so I didn’t have to look at the mess.

Today, its a little cozy place that will be Baby S’s bedroom for at least the next couple of years !

With help from his siblings, K knocked out all the old, dark colored built in cupboards, spackled over all the holes in the walls left by the nails, and painted the room a beautiful soothing shade of pale lilac that we also use in our bedroom.

Conceptually, we wanted the room to be easily converted into a unisex shared bedroom just in case we have an, erm, surprise – so we stuck to generic, neutral colors suitable for both a girl and a boy !

Here’s the left side of the nursery, where we placed Sophie’s cot and diaper table.

We bought a Stokke Sleepi Cot for Sophie after getting some glowing recommendations from friends who have kids. Yes, I know the price is very prohibitive but here’s why we decided to get it –

  1. The cot a ’round’ cot, meaning there are no corners where Sophie can bump her head or cut herself against
  2. Its a beech-wood cot, which makes it very sturdy with no splinters that can again, injure the baby
  3. It has wheels ! Meaning we can just port the cot – and baby – to the master bedroom, or our living room, with very little trouble. It fits just nice through our tiny apartment doors. 🙂
  4. Its expandable ! You can get an extension – to the “junior” edition, which can sleep kids up to 5-6 years old 🙂
  5. Its got two levels, meaning that when she gets bigger we can simply adjust it lower.
  6. When your child finally outgrows the cot, you can simply convert it into two hardwood, pretty chairs 🙂

Parents-to-be, you can check out the Stokke cot here – STOKKE SLEEPI

A cot is something we really wanted to invest in because we are strong believers in raising independent babies – meaning that once Sophie is weaned we want her to be able to sleep through the night in her own room without fussing or feeling too insecure. I know this may all be wishful thinking when she’s out but .. we’ll see haha !

The diaper table is one of my favourite purchases too ! It’s convertible from a nappy changing station to a simple child’s cupboard once your child is toilet trained and its such a pretty, clean design !

Little details :

Miffy the Rabbit ! (Snow Hood edition) – I really love rabbit toys, especially Miffy and I want my baby’s first favourite toy to be a Miffy too.

Changing station:

Finally got around to putting up a water-color print I bought many years ago when I was in Brighton, UK, from a local artist. The pretty, light colors really called out to me and I love how vintage the print looks against the cream/grey backing of the diaper table.

Here’s what you see when you first walk in :

We picked the chest-of-drawers in the centre of the room because it was big enough to hold part of my Sylvanian Families collection (which I took 3 days to dust and clean so it was baby-safe) and had three large, stable drawers to store Baby S’s day-to-day clothes like onesies, vests, mittens, shoes, swaddle, etc. We lined the drawers with lovely lavender scented drawer paper from Crabtree and Evelyn and K is obsessed with the room’s baby-powdery smell (keeps walking in and breathing in deeply like an addict)

We also decided on short, cottage-style linen lace curtains to let the sun in so the Baby can rise with the sun and do a little tanning in case she’s jaundiced, and it just fills the whole room with soft light most of the day, making it perfect for nursing.

I highly recommend that you buy good quality Euro-style pillows for your nursing / breast feeding needs – they give my back such great support compared to normal pillows – from the bottom of my back to my neck and shoulders.

The spare bed will be used by my family’s helper of 26 years who will be doing my confinement with my Mum ( :)))) ) after which it will be for those sleepless nights when either K and I have to handle night feeds but don’t have enough energy to stagger back into the master bedroom (I foresee this as having a very distinct possibility of happening).

There was a little “display” shelf on top of the station which I thought were perfect to display her little shoes ^^

We’ve finally got around to buying baby friendly laundry detergent and softener and gotten started washing Baby S’s little things in our new Panasonic washing machine which we chose because it has a “Baby Care” function.

Our previous machine was on its last legs after almost a decade of heavy duty use (we got it second hand in the first place) and it was so tired it couldn’t even wash off powder residue when the loads were heavier than usual so we decided it was about time to fork out.

Finishing off this post with just some small things that make me happy about Baby S’s nursery !

Animal print swaddles, freshly laundered and folded ! The prints on Aden and Anais’ range of baby muslin swaddles are just too cute to resist.

That there’s Peanut’s Ultra Sound scrapbook, and Baby Record Book which I picked up from a bookstore in Paris along the Rue De Rivoli (Abel, I’m so happy you made me get it !) And I’ve started reading to Baby S in-utero from The Tale of Peter Rabbit. I feel a little silly doing it sometimes but Benjy will look at me encouragingly every time I stop reading and I’m taking that as positive feedback.

Hanging wardrobe –

We kept the build-in wardrobe at the side of the room because we really need the storage space – as well as hanging space for Baby S’s nicer dresses / toys.

As you can see, my huge pink My Little Pony has been re-purposed into Baby S’s toy since she’ll be born in the year of the Horse ! 🙂

Oh my little star, I’m just dying to finally meet you and hold you in my arms ! Hoping the next 50 days will just fly by 🙂




8 thoughts on “Sophie Rose’s Nursery

  1. JH says:

    The room is so beautiful! 🙂 She is so blessed.

    1. libbyty says:

      Thank you dear 🙂

  2. Belle says:

    Hey may I know where did you get the baby-changing shelf from?Thank You

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi, I have tried to e-mail you to reply you, but the mail has bounced. Please give me a valid e-mail address if you wish you know, thanks.

  3. Lady J says:

    Such a beautiful nursery for Sophie. Am thinking of getting the Stokke Sleepi for our newborn. Would u kindly share how the cot has been since Sophie’s arrival? TIA 🙂

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi there ! We got the Stokke Sleepi for 0-18 months and not the Stokke Sleepi mini as it was more cost savvy – although the mini is smaller and easier to push around, you will soon have to expand it to the 0-18 months version anyway so it makes more sense. It was a great idea as now there’s space in the cot for us to put her extra swaddles and stuffed animals until she is bigger 🙂

      The cot has been wonderful – we stay in a small four-room apartment and the cot moves from living room to our room daily without any trouble passing smoothly through the small doors and corners. The beech wood is lovely and contrary to what some other parents say, we use it A LOT as we are trying to train Sophie to be an independent sleeper. I would definitely say this has been our best investment next to her pram and diaper table, and to go for it ! 🙂

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