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We are about 35 weeks along today .. or less than 30 days till Baby S’s due date !

I’m really dying of anticipation now.. and trepidation. I’m terrified of how painful labour will be and getting panicky over everything that could possibly go wrong and yet I can’t wait to finally see her sweet little face for the first time – in real life, and not in my dreams.

Also, I am most definitely running out of clothes to wear, but with less than a month to go, I really can’t bring myself to spend any more on maternity clothing I will only wear a couple of times before I give birth. Plus if Baby S chooses to come early…

Anyway here’s my 35 week update !


Baby S and I at 35 weeks:

  1. Baby has more or less engaged – by engaged I mean she’s lodged her head in my pelvis causing my nether regions to ache all day and making me rush to the toilet with every small punch in the direction of my bladder. But I’m telling myself that this is good, because it means she’s in the right position to come out and not in breech !
  2. Mood-wise, it’s been up and down, really – i’m whale like now, and I feel so sad when I think of all the weight I’m going to have to lose. But I’m also bursting (maybe literally) with excitement.
  4. My appetite is still (too) good, but I’ve been sticking to small meals so that I don’t get indigestion/ heartburn. But by 8 pm everyday, I am so heavy and tired I could fall asleep on the sofa because I’m too tired to make it to the bed.
  5. Restless feet ! K has been dutifully massaging Young Living’s Pan Away essential oil into my poor soles every night or I can’t get to sleep because my feet keep jerking.
  6. Sleep is elusive, even when I’m exhausted. My gynae says I shouldn’t sleep on my back as it reduces the amount of oxygen the baby gets, but when I lie on my left, she kicks until it hurts. When I lie on my right, I’m worried that I’m crushing her head. Either way, it is insanely uncomfortable.
  7. My marriage has been extra blissful in these last few weeks, too. K and I keep bursting into spontaneous laughter when he feels Sophie kick and sometimes when he thinks I’m not looking I see him gazing at me with softened eyes. Times like that, I feel really grateful to be given a chance to bear him a baby – it is definitely true that the tenderness a husband bears for his wife intensifies when she becomes the mother of his child.

Baby S prep at 35 weeks:

  1. Nursery is done ! Just left with finishing the baby laundry :)
  2. Hospital bag packed and pre-registration at Mount E, check !
  3. Obssesing about whether I’ve bought enough towels / onesies / mittens and booties
  4. Still sourcing for good organic baby bath / shampoo washes
  5. Still trying to decide which pram / car seat to get


Now that we have already gotten Baby S the Joolz Day pram, that’s one big tick off our list. Will blog soon about why we chose this pram over other “branded” ones like Stokke and Bugaboo despite it costing us almost the same – it’s really the perfect pram and everyone we’ve shown it to have been sold (I kid you not, even the unmarried friends).

The rest is going to be settled at this weekend’s Expo Baby Fair – yes, that’s where we do our shopping these days, MotherCare, Baby Expos, and the organic section of the supermarket. My transformation is almost complete. My (non-existent) hipster days are over.

And in other things, J is getting married !!!


Celebrated her birthday belatedly with her and Boons at her new place and it’s a really, really cool flat that makes awesome use of limited space but most importantly it’s so her and her husband J ! Who would have thought of running a centre kitchen island and dining table !!

 So many weddings ! What with Joyce’s in December, and Wulan and Abby set to tie the knot next year, our little Baby S has been booked solid for bed-rolling / flower girl duties before she has even made her appearance ! So much love in the air 🙂

And more love your way !




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