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To be honest, I am a control freak who had already partially packed her hospital bag when I was just 33 weeks pregnant or less. >.<

I decided later that I wouldn’t jinx it and create some self-fulfilling prophecy where the baby would come too early, so the bags remain half unpacked and left that way until now, at 36 weeks, when I think, at 1 week away from full-term, the time is just right.

Here’s what is going into my hospital bag:

For me

  1. Large-sized disposable underwear x 3 – Don’t want to have the problem of packing soiled underwear back
  2. Extra-large heavy duty sanitary pads x 3 – My OBGYN says that some mothers bleed after delivery
  3. Going home outfit
  4. Socks – In case the hospital is too cold, and for Chinese confinement, we aren’t allowed to leave our feet exposed so that “wind” can’t enter the body.
  5. Button up pajamas in case I don’t want to wear the hospital gown.
  6. Breast pads x 3 sets
  7. Basic make-up / skincare products ( No, I am not into “au naturel” photos of myself post birth – aka red faced, sweating, bloated, add whatever unattractive adjective you’d like)
  8. Bathing products / Sponge / EMAB New Mama soothing spray
  9. Mobile phone charger
  10. Tooth-brush and tooth-paste
  11. 1  packet confinement bathing herbs
  12. Admission documents / Gynae’s letter with birth plan
  13. (Newly added) Medela Freestyle Breast Pump System – My friend Gwen shared with me that your Baby will need those first drops of Colostrum and you also may need  to pump to stimulate milk production in case Baby doesn’t want to latch on

For useless husband who will not be doing any pushing

  1. Pajamas
  2. Jacket for when it gets cold
  3. Tooth-brush and tooth-paste
  4. Entertainment for those (hopefully not too) long hours of labour and waiting for dilation.
  5. Mobile phone charger
  6. Fully-charged camera

For Baby Sophie (!!! omg!!!)

  1. 2 swaddles – I packed the Aden and Anais bamboo muslin swaddles
  2. Diaper bag essentials in case she has a diaper related accident on the way home – Newborn Mamy Poko pants, Travel-sized calendula California Baby diaper cream, pack of Pigeon Moisturizing Cloth wipes.
  3. 2 sets of clothes:

For her clothes, I packed two very different outfits. One very practical and the other more pretty for her first photos (call me crazy)

Floral Rose Outfit


Floral onesie (MotherCare) , soft white crochet cap (H&M Baby) , polka dot baby pink mittens (MotherCare) , and plush pale pink booties with satin ribbons (Baby Bebe).

This is impractical because firstly, she will have an umbilical stump where the cord linking the both of us used to be, so a onesie might not be comfortable for her. Secondly, I suspect the hat will be too big (but it’s so cute?!) and the booties will be too thick.

Of course, everything is 100 per cent cotton and baby-safe – I would never risk my baby’s well-being for vanity.

So .. we’ll see how it goes ! If she looks like she’s fine in this outfit (in which case she definitely takes after me) then all will be good !

Mint Polka-Dot Outfit


This is the practical going home outfit, which I still think is very cute ! And it’s a lovely pale minty green, something different than the usual girl-pink and boy-blue.

The kimono vest top is very practical for a newborn – you don’t have to pull it over their heads to take it off or put it on, just two simple ties. They won’t press on her umbilical stump either.

The matching mittens and booties are also made of super lightweight, comfortable cotton.

This whole set is from Joy Luck Club Maternity for a really reasonable $15 !

So I thought I’d made up my mind, when I received this Sophie La Girafe gift set from my sister and brother in laws. It is so wonderfully made and lovely.


Even the ribbon is Sophie La Girafe !

Here’s what’s inside:


  1. Sophie La Girafe teething toy (now I have 3 of them!)
  2. Sophie La Girafe security blanket
  3. Sophie La Girafe baby blanket / towel
  4. Sophie La Girafe Baby bib
  5. Sophie La Girafe Hat and Booties

Which inspired another set !

Sophie La Girafe Outfit


Decisions, decisions !

I REALLY can’t make up my mind, so I need your help, my amazing readers ! You can vote for which outfit you think Baby S should wear home 🙂

I also happen to have a Lion baby products travel sized set to give-away, as I’ve already bought all my own baby products both in full and travel sized. It consists of travel-sized laundry detergent and softener, lotion powder, and baby wash and comes in a little travel wet bag.


If you’re interested, please leave a comment on this blog post with your e-mail. Postage will be free 🙂


2 thoughts on “Packing my Hospital Bag

  1. JH says:

    First chanced upon your blog when I was checking out my dream Chanel beige clair classic flap and how ladies carry it. It was quite some time back and I find this entire blog reading journey to be very amazing. As a reader I see how the writer got married and is now welcoming a new life to the family. It seems like I am “growing” with the writer and the blog. Though we do not know each other personally, I still wish the very best for your child birth and look forward to seeing Baby S soon 😀 Jiayou!

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi JH ! Thank you so much for such a long and sweet comment 🙂 It is really encouraging and affirming when readers like you wish me well. I started this blog with no dreams of catering to a larger audience than my close friends but in the process its helped me to meet and “get to know” such nice people / readers like you ! Thanks again for your wishes !! I can’t wait to see Baby S too!

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