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Hi guys !

I’m on a real blogging roll, aren’t I ^^

Its completely attributed to the fact that at 36 weeks + (just a few days to full term!) I am so heavy and tired I have been forced by my husband to cut down my going-out significantly.

Yes the countdown has officially begun. We are just 20 days from my due date, how scary is that.

So, no better time to clear the backlog !

Firstly, this post is not an advertorial.

I’ve been asked non-stop during my pregnancy what skin products I’m using / how are you getting that “glow” / why is your skin so clear.

Its true, my skin during my second and third trimester has become even better than its pre-pregnancy condition. My cheeks have been smooth and plump, mostly blemish free, and my comedone problem from my first trimester has completely disappeared, along with the dry patches. Best of all, my skin has been glowing like a peach ! I’ve never been happier with its condition.

Here’s why I think its improved so much

  1. I’m eating much better. Before, I was perpetually on a 50 per cent full diet to keep my weight down w/o exercise. Now, I eat fruits two to three times a day, guzzle juice, eat all kinds of meats and also I drink lots of milk. I think this has improved my wellbeing tremendously and of course had an impact on my skin.
  2. I’ve put on so much weight (18 kg!) which has helped fill out my cheeks and given me more of a “babyface” which I used to have before my huge weight loss left me with some facial hollows.
  3. I’ve been exercising and sleeping much better. As I’m on no-pay leave, even when late pregnancy causes me to have insomnia I can catch up on the Zzz-s in the day unlike other less lucky mummies who still have to go to work. I also exercise more than ever now, with pre-natal pilates twice a week and lots of walking.

But my smaller pores, and how I got rid of my comedone problem? I attribute fully to these two products.

Holy Grail Cleanser : Fresh Soy Face Cleanser ($63, 150 ml)


I’ve blogged about my HG cleanser before in previous beauty posts and how much it has helped my skin. Although the price can seem a lot, each 150 ml bottle lasts me for at least 3-4 months, no problem.

Here’s why I love it so much:

  1. It removes all my makeup and also cleanses all in one. Be warned, though, I only use very light makeup on my face (BB Cream, a dab of concealer) and only eyeliner and eyebrow powder. I cannot vouch for its cleansing power when it comes to heavy eyeshadows / mascara. Anyway it removes all my light makeup and yet leaves my skin feeling clean but not tight. Good cleansers should never leave your face “tight”, it means its drying your skin out !
  2. Its gel, and not cream. I find cream cleansers too heavy for my face and many contain sulfates which make it frothy. Sulfates are terrible on my sensitive skin and cause me to get dry patches. Fresh’s soy cleanser’s gel consistency is so light and easy to wash off compared to cream cleansers, which involve me vigorously splashing water and scrubbing at my face just to get everything off so I don’t get breakouts (the irony!)
  3. It’s so gentle on my eyes, it doesn’t sting at all when I’m removing my eye makeup. I think a cleanser which is gentle on the eyes is really important because the undereye area is so delicate. Its also a wonder product for girls who have eyelash extensions, like me, because its gentle enough to clean the area but does not loosen/dissolve the eyelash adhesive, ruining your expensive extensions. Many makeup remover wipes and harsher cleansers cause extensions to drop off faster.
  4. The ingredients are all natural, and suitable for pregnant women !

I combine my Fresh Soy Cleanser with my other holy grail cleansing product, the Clarisonic Mia 2, which I asked for and received for Christmas from my siblings 🙂

Clarisonic Mia 2 with Sensitive/Delicate Brush ($225)


I’d been waiting to buy the Clarisonic Mia 2 for a few months last year after hearing such awesome things about it but a few factors held me back:

  1. Its expensive ! At $225, it seemed like too much an investment to make in case it didn’t work for me.
  2. $225 is not even a one-off cost, because you need to replace the brush heads ($35) every three months.
  3. Would I really put in the effort to stand at my sink holding the brush to my face for up to 1 minute, twice a day?

I mentioned how much I wanted to try it out and my sweet siblings decided to pitch in to get it for me for Christmas. My mum and sister also got a system each for themselves. Mine is a blue / lilac limited edition color, isn’t it pretty? Definitely helps to motivate me to use it more ^^

I’m really glad that I got it because its made a world of difference to my skin. A really noticeable difference, within 1 week !

My sister D and I both started using our Clarisonics at the same time. I have combination skin (more dry than oily) with occasional large pores. D has a very oily T-zone but very dry cheeks with blemishes.  So we have pretty different skin.

We both got the Sensitive/Delicate brushes because we both have sensitive skin.

Here’s what we noticed after 2 weeks of use

  1. Skin feels SUPER CLEAN after use. Velvety, even.
  2. Makeup goes on like a dream, and comes off like a dream too.
  3. Pores are noticeably finer (amazing!)
  4. I used to get white-heads / large comedones on my temples when my fringe brushed against my face. After focusing the brush on both my temples, they just disappeared after a week. The power of a deep cleanse.
  5. I no longer need to exfoliate – the deep cleanse removes my dead skin so efficiently there is no buildup.


After 1 week of using the Clarisonic Mia 2 in Hong Kong. Here, I am wearing only eyeliner, BB Cream, and eyebrow powder.

It sounds too good to be true, but it really did all that for us. After seeing the results, I really do not mind spending the extra minute using the Clarisonic every morning and night.

My routine is this – one 5 cent blob of Fresh Soy Cleanser to remove my makeup, wash. Follow with another 5 cent blob of cleanser, spread around your face, use the Clarisonic, focusing on areas which need more “help”. The device will beep each time an area is done.

What I also really like about the Clarisonic is that it can be used in the shower, and its waterproof ! The charger is magnetic, so there are no battery changes required. Each Mia 2 also comes with a travel case.

The only downside would be the price and the 3 month refills,  but surely you can bring yourself to change your brushes for hygiene reasons every 100 days? Your skin deserves it 🙂

If you can get a friend to buy it for you from the US, you can get it up to 30 per cent cheaper than in Asia !

Anyway, my previous skin routine was way more complicated, what with exfoliators, pore masks, etc which was worrying me because I didn’t want to use so many products during my pregnancy.

Now, it’s just:

  1. Fresh Soy Cleanser
  2. Clarisonic Mia 2
  3. Post cleanse, a smear of Laneige Sleeping Pack EX at night and then a spritz of Avene Thermal Water in the morning
  4. A sheet mask twice a week

And yet my skin is so much better ! In the long run, its much more worth it to invest in higher quality, simple natural products than expensive facial treatments – something I’m going to do more that I want to give Baby S the best and stop spending so much on myself.

Hope this helps those of you mummies-to-be and / or tai-tais on a budget 🙂




6 thoughts on “Clarisonic Mia 2 Review x Fresh Soy Cleanser

  1. sophia carey says:

    This stuff is good! It makes my skin look and feel amazing, I recommend.

    1. libbyty says:

      Yes ! Combining it with the Clarisonic Mia has given me such awesome results 🙂

  2. echappes says:

    hi! just wondering what sheet mask did u use during pregnancy? Is beauty diary masks safe for use during pregnancy? Thanks!

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi there, I used beauty dairy some times, but also a lot of Innisfree which is really mild. 🙂 Also the Laneige Sleeping Pack.

      1. Echappes says:

        Thanks for the reply! I am using beauty diary as well… Just wondering if whitening ones are OK too? I will try to look for innisfree masks.

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