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Just 20 days to go !!!

It still doesn’t feel real. I know Baby S may or may not actually come on March 20 (she will be 39 weeks then) and I may end up playing the late-term waiting game with her but … she’s a’ comin’ !

36 week update:

  1. Sadly, my no stretch mark hopes have been dashed. I now have at least 10 short 6 cm “stripes of honor” below my belly button. They aren’t that big or that red and my OBGYN says they are considered very mild compared to most mum’s (and those who get PUPPP) so I’m trying to be grateful. Still no varicose veins
  2. Water retention in my feet has finally started. Have been trying to take long walks at ECP to alleviate the swelling but then I get so tired my belly starts to ache. Right now, we’re able to walk for about 45 minutes with Benjy before I get too exhausted to keep going. I heard that walking helps with labour so I’m going to keep doing it.
  3. Prenatal Pilates have been an absolute saviour. Nothing gets the kinks out of my upper back and the strain around my calves like a good one-hour session, and I really think its thanks to the Pilates that I’ve been “carrying tight”, meaning my pelvic floor muscles and uterine muscles have been very firmly holding the baby in place. Some mums who don’t exercise or stay in shape have rather “fluid” looking baby bumps due to weak muscles and they will generally have a more difficult time giving birth.
  4. Had a setback this week. Went for the 36 week “scrape” (sorry if this is TMI) and found that I had a mild case of thrush, caused by over-production of yeast in my you-know-where, and a very common side effect of fluctuating hormones. I was horrified when I heard it, but then assured that I wasn’t some kind of dirty unhygienic freak when I found out that about 75 per cent of pregnant women get thrush and it’s totally treatable. Only, the treatment is terribly undignified and involves the self-insertion of large tablets into your hoo-ha. When your hoo-ha is already swollen and your groin is aching from being battered by your child, you will know how uncomfortable administering this treatment is.
  5. Baby S is at least 2.3 kg (as of 35 weeks) so we’re hoping she will be a good chubby 3.2 kg by the time she decides she wants to make an appearance.

Am also becoming totally paranoid about Baby S’s movements. Now that there is less space in my womb for her to move around, her kicks and punches have become more muted and she’s been getting more REM sleep. This freaks me out, because I am a neurotic person who cannot get over her fear of still-birth and tortures herself by reading up on its symptoms. So there have been at least two occasions where my husband has found me tearing up and worrying about why Baby S has not kicked or nudged me despite my loud and repeated entreaties to “Wake up, please, baby!”.

This is usually followed by crazy mummy Libby downing large glasses of cold orange juice (it apparently shocks the baby awake and unleashes a frenzy of kicks) or lying on my side, and then my other side, in increasing levels of desperation. I’m unable to sleep until I feel one good, definitive, and likely grumpy kick from my daughter.

Speaking of my poor husband, I think all this pre-baby stress may be causing him to lose his mind. He has starting pushing our $1,700 stroller dangerously fast around our tiny flat, making “VROOM VROOM” noises and trying to run Benjy down.

It only stops when he bumps into some furniture and proceeds to obsess over whether the pram has gotten scratched. Its very amusing. Although, I’m not sure if Benjy finds it as funny.

OK that’s it for now, Week 37 here we come !




4 thoughts on “Baby Sophie Rose x Week 36

  1. Stephanie says:

    Haha I love the part about your husband and the stroller. Thanks for sharing!

    1. libbyty says:

      Haha no problem ! 🙂 Blogging about all this for posterity too so next time we can look back on it and have a good laugh 🙂

  2. Libby, I love reading your story. I have been your secret fan for quite sometime. Good luck with everything, I hope the delivery will go smoothly. X, Dewi

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi Dewi 🙂 Thank you so much for your sweet comments !!

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