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Set off bright and early today for my good friend J’s church wedding !

It was a simple, sweet and intimate affair and everything a wedding should be ! ^^ Am so glad that I managed to make it to see Joanne and Jimmy say their vows – had been quite worried that I would not be allowed to leave the house when my due date is so soon.

So #JimandJo was a lovely-do involving a church solemnisation and a reception after with about 200 plus friends and family. No banquet, no formal dinner. And you know what, I think it was quite awesome !

When I look back and think of all the stress K and I were under before the Big Day, co-ordinating with the hotel, bridal party, etc etc and see in comparison how relaxed J&J were today, I can’t help wondering how different things would be if I had had my way and just thrown a simple garden wedding and reception like we originally wanted to.

Or even better, what if K and I had eloped like we’d discussed to Paris, bought a beautiful vintage gown off the rack and a pair of nude Louboutins for me, a morning gown for him, and just got married in City Hall before having our “wedding cake” at Laduree?

Haha its all wishful thinking now, almost three years on with a bub on the way (as the two eldest children of our respective families, our parents would have been so disappointed if we’d eloped anyway), but one can’t help but dream ! Maybe we’ll do just that for our fifth anniversary, like a vow-renewing thing !

Plus weddings make everyone so warm and fuzzy ! Sat with old friends from school during the ceremony and I think I speak for all of us when I say we couldn’t help but beam non-stop when we watched someone we love as much as J make this huge commitment to the man she loves.

Here’s to a lifetime of domestic bliss, my friend ! And don’t worry, I’ll definitely make good on my promise to pass on all of Baby S’s pretty clothes to you if you have a baby girl soon ! No rags for your offspring !

Some cute photobooth moments:

photo 1_meitu_4

photo 3_meitu_2

photo 4_meitu_1

Young Love !




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