Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer


Dear Sophie,

If you were born now, you would be considered full term. You wouldn’t be done with growing (although looking at my bump, you’d think there wasn’t any space left for that!). We are just dying to meet you, but please stay in there another two weeks – apparently you’re really going to be packing on the pounds in  the 14 days from now to 39 weeks and growing all those little fat folds, dimples and Michelin-man worthy pillowy arms that your grandparents can’t wait to tickle and kiss.

We haven’t really been conscientious about reading to you, or playing baby Beethoven / Mozart because we didn’t believe that it would make a difference. But recently, your Daddy read our favourite baby book to you in Hotel Uterus and we got such a surprise when you started kicking enthusiastically to the sound of his voice (although you gotta admit, his storytelling skills need some serious practice)

We are convinced you were reacting, because when he stopped, the kicking stopped too – and then suddenly 5 seconds later a good, hard kick in the direction of your Daddy followed – were you trying to tell us you wanted more?

Mummy has been very, very tired. Its been tempting for her to just lie in bed all day because she gets nauseous and her head spins when she gets up – even fetching a cup of water is enough to make her need to take a break.

When Mummy looks down, she can’t see the soles of her feet anymore too ! And since she keeps dropping things thanks to her body being completely off balance, she’s getting really annoyed that she cannot bend to pick them up.

The worse of it has to be the backaches and the restless legs. Although Mummy is tired, she can’t seem to get enough rest – every sleeping position seems to only shift the strain to another part of her body, and her legs jerk up and down at night from restless leg syndrome, so that the only time she can fall asleep are in the early hours of the morning, when her body has completely exhausted itself. This has made her very grumpy and frustrated, but she hopes that you know that to her, this is all worth it.

Mummy sometimes looks in the mirror and just wishes she could get her old body back. She’s constantly torn between the lovely feeling of being able to carry you with her all the time, wherever she goes, knowing you are safe and warm and happy, and the need to look human again. Just the other day, she tried on an old dress that used to be huge on her, and it got stuck somewhere between her shoulders and chest. She was so upset she burst into tears.

But here’s how she gets over it – she goes on Instagram, and starts watching videos of little baby girls and boys cooing to their mummies, giggling as their bellies are tickled, or smiling gap toothed grins through milk smeared mouths. Her smile comes back, and so does Daddy’s (his face becomes a rictus of worry and concern every time your Mum cries or just groans in frustration after failing to heave herself off the bed for the third time).

We wish we could tell what you’re thinking – are you hoping you could stay inside longer, swimming around in your water bag like a little mermaid, or are you anxious to come out and get into your big girl clothes and finally meet these two goofy people who have been bugging you the past 9 months?

Or will you be like this little guy, already out but not willing to leave touching distance of your Mummy?

Whatever the case, we are praying so hard for you just to be safe, happy and healthy.

See you in two weeks, baby girl !

Your parents.


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