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First off, I am currently in an extremely miserable state and wallowing in an ocean of self pity.

Just when I thought I was all systems go and ready to tackle all kinds of labour inducing activity, I developed a sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea and fever overnight.

This is the second time I’m falling sick while pregnant, and let me tell you, all your symptoms are magnified. The last time I was sick at 24 weeks, it was still manageable because I’d been enjoying my second trimester burst of energy, but right now, at 37 going on 38 weeks, I feel .. like utter cr*p, excuse my french.

Firstly, there’s the worry that I will go into labour while I’m still ill and have no energy to push / give birth to a feverish baby. There’s the fear that I will have premature contractions thanks to the diarrhea (when you are pregnant, you will cease feeling embarrassed about bodily fluids), and lastly, I refuse to take any more than 1 Panadol / 6-8 hours so the aches are really killing me.

Also, it is quite impossible to sleep in comfort when you have a kicking, squirming basketball attached to your middle. Baby S is clearly not feeling too great herself and spent about half an hour this morning angrily hiccuping (it feels like bubbles) and then pummeling me with her fists to display her discomfort.

But … since I’m bed-ridden / house-bound, I now have time to blog !

Baby S’s baby bottles arrived last week, to great fanfare!

K and I had been out when the parcel arrived, so I convinced the delivery man to hide it in our utilities cupboard instead of us having to make the trip down to the courier company in an industrial estate to pick it up. As a result, I spent half the day feeling stressed about our bottles getting stolen ( K: Who’d want to steal baby bottles?) and rushed home to frantically check if they were intact.

Who’d want to steal baby bottles? I would, if they were this kawaii !

Only available in Japan – Chuchubaby’s Mama Cawa (Pretty Mummy) baby bottle range !


How pretty are they ?!

And here’s how they look when filled with milk :


All my favourite things – bows ! roses ! lilac and pastel pink ! Even the little measurements on the side of the bottle are done up in ribbons or little flowers – Call me superficial but pretty bottles go a looong way in making me feel more encouraged to express milk – I’ve heard so many nightmare stories about cracked nipples, engorgement, boob infections .. I figured I’d do anything I can to get positive about being a human cow and here’s how I’m going to do it !

Of course, these bottles aren’t just plain pretty. I first came across the Chuchu Baby brand when doing research about the best bottles to get for newborn babies so they don’t get nipple confusion (read: they like the bottle so much they don’t want the boob because its way easier to get their juice from the former)

After a lot of asking around and reading up, K and I had decided on Nuk bottles and teats, which many breastfeeding moms swear by. But one day I was reading a mummy’s forum and apparently, Chuchu Baby is a Japanese brand that’s getting a real following in Australia / NZ / Jakarta amongst moms for being even better than Nuk. My Japanese friend A who has just had a baby swears by Chuchu Baby bottles herself and says they are used by almost all moms in Japan for fuss free switching between direct latching breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

I googled Chuchu Baby bottles, was still divided between the two because they both had some really great standout edges over other bottles, but when I saw the Mama Cawa range, my decision was made.

Firstly, here’s why I got interested in Chuchu Baby

One size fits all Super Cross Cut Hole Technology

Chuchu Baby has a patented cross cut hole teat which opens only when baby sucks and flow depends on every individual child.  The baby, not the teat, controls the flow of milk so it never leaks and baby will never choke as they cannot drink more than they can extract with each mouthful. This makes the teat suitable for use from newborn to toddler, too. I hate fuss, so this sounds great – I really can’t imagine doing research for new teats at every stage of Baby S’s development.

Read parents’ rave reviews about the teat here


Another very important consideration for me – I was a colicky baby and apparently reduced my mum to tears many nights with my non stop howling and purple-faced agony. Chuchu Baby bottles have an air valve on the side of the teat which prevents air vacuums from forming inside the bottle, thus preventing the baby from ingesting too much air together with her milk. Most brands do not have this additional feature or require you to purchase a more expensive, anti-colic teat. Chuchu Baby includes this in their most basic teat and I think that’s more cost efficient.

Wide-Neck Bottle Design

This makes the bottle much easier to clean – not too much fiddling with the cleaning brush and reducing the chances of dirt getting trapped in small crevices. K is not good at handling delicate things, so this is a big plus point since he will probably have to do most of the night bottle feeds once Sophie is no longer exclusively breast feeding. This design also mimics the rounded breast of a mom, reducing nipple confusion and also helping babies transition between breast milk and supplementing formula.

Made of superior PPSU plastic

 It’s also very vital to check what your baby bottles are made of. If I could, I would buy exclusively glass – but its not practical, especially to carry around.

Most baby bottle brands can only claim to be BPA-free, but not only are Chuchu Baby bottles BPA free, they are also made from an even more superior plastic (PPSU) which is recognized as the best and safest plastic material for babies.

Most European and American baby bottle brands still use PES bottles, which have been phased out in Japan in favour of PPSU.  The PPSU plastic is noticeably different and stronger than other plastic bottles – it is more like adult, heavy duty water bottles than a typical baby bottle.  It can withstand repeated sterilization and never will absorb odor or color.

If you’ve already bought bottles (I have some Medela bottles that came with my breast pump) fear not, Chuchu Baby teats fit on Medela bottles too !

Here are some reviews on Chuchubaby you guys might want to check out – it seems their teats are really great for newborns, especially picky ones !  There don’t seem to be many English language reviews online, I think mainly because the brand has not diversified outside Japan except through small-time distributors – a shame !

I bought the bottles both in the smaller 160 ml size for Sophie to use as a newborn and infant, and then the 240 ml for when she starts to need more milk and can hold the bottles up herself. My own little baby fashionista !

I will definitely update this review with my own experience once I start using the bottles but in case you guys have been wondering what to look out for when bottle shopping, here’s hoping all this information will help. I was really overwhelmed by the sheer variety on offer and didn’t have any guidance so I was really reluctant to even shop for baby bottles.

So, you need to prioritize what you want to focus on. For me, these were my priorities

  1. Anti-colic
  2. Works to prevent nipple confusion
  3. Extra safe for baby even with extended wear and tear
  4. Affordability

Chuchu Baby really caters to all my “demands” except of course for the affordability part, these bottles set me back by nearly $50 apiece ! But that’s my fault, I was dead set on buying the limited edition Mama Cawa ones – the regular ones are much more reasonably priced 🙂

Good luck mummies-to-be, and wish me luck in my waiting game, Baby S is still snug and growing and seems to be in no hurry to come out, sigh !



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11 thoughts on “Shopping for Baby S x Chu Chu Baby Review

  1. XL says:

    Wow!! your baby bottles looks so cute!!! Can i know how you bought it?? i wanna get it for my baby boy too!! did the shipping took a long time??

    1. libbyty says:

      Hello dear ! I bought them off a Malaysian-based website before I realized that they really ripped me off – my friend in Jakarta says she found the bottles there selling for much cheaper and definitely authentic. My in-laws will be going there soon to help me stock up, maybe I could just help you get one or two? Let me know, my e-mail is . The bottles are not available here in SG at all 😦

  2. Lisa says:

    Breast feeding can be painful for the first few week, but then after that you toughen up and honestly the pain disappears. Breast pumps are great if you produce too much milk, as you can relieve engorgement and freeze the milk for later use. Also, have you heard of nipple shields? They are silicon shields that stick over your nipple and they really reduce the pain factor in the initial stages, and they also make it easy for the baby to latch on. They really made feeding my babies so much easier. You should be able to buy them from pharmacies. That’s my little bit of advice for you! Good luck with the birth.

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi Lisa, no I haven’t heard of nipple shields but thanks so much for the valuable tip.. I’ll head out and get some really soon ! Have been feeling really anxious about breastfeeding after I heard that its a real struggle and every bit of advice from mummies really counts !

      Thanks for the well-wishes ! We’re already in week 38 and every extra day feels like a yeaaaarrr… I’m just dying to meet my baby girl 🙂

  3. XL says:

    haha wow pretty milk bottles are so hard to get!!! It’s ok!! thanks for your help!! maybe i will get a friend who is working in Japan to get it for me!!!

    1. libbyty says:

      Sure 🙂 Good luck !!

  4. dianaruth says:

    O my… I. WANT. THAT. BOTTLE! so pretty!
    Hope you’re feeling better. Take care! It’s the final lap – hang in there!

    1. libbyty says:

      I know right ! 🙂 And so girly, too !! Thanks Diana, the last lap feels like the longest .. hopefully the next time I post it will be a photo of Sophie !! 🙂

  5. I have never heard of this brand for sure. But you are so well-prepared for your Sophie Rose, I am sure you will enjoy motherhood while still girlish at heart!

  6. Lady J says:

    I wish I stumbled upon your blog before my babymoon to Tokyo!! Would have checked out this brand but it’s too late! 😦 Can you share where it’s possible to get these bottles from Jakarta? My parents are heading there in May so if convenient, I will ask if they can help me to get. TIA! 🙂

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